Mini to offer customisation using 3D printing


British carmaker Mini has announced a new customisation option using 3D printing. Customers can choose to have custom made parts like side indicator trims, illuminated doorsills, LED door projectors and dashboard trims.

Mini owners will be able to choose, create and order the parts over an online shop under the banner of 'Mini Yours Customised'. Initially, only the parts that can be easily replaced either by the owner or the authorised dealer will be available. These parts can be ordered as many times as desired, including when the car is sold to a new owner.

With the online configurator, the users can choose to customise the pattern, size, colours and designs. Apart from this, users also get a field where a text can be entered. The text can be adjusted for font, size, colour and orientation. The configurator will also have ready-made icons that can be used.

The doorsills and the logo projector lamps feature laser-cut lettering, whereas the others will be made using 3D printing. These will be made in existing BMW Group facilities in Germany. The 3D printers have been sourced from partnerships with Hewlett-Packard Inc., Carbon Inc. and EOS GmbH. In case of cars with factory fitted projector lamps, only a sliding frame with the customised lettering can be ordered. The personalisation program will be available in 2018, beginning with Europe initially and later to other markets.

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