Missing features on the Citroen C3: Why I am fine with it

Features can be added anytime in a product's lifecycle & as per Citroen's statement, the features are included/omitted based on the user survey.

BHPian skpprabhu recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I was at the unveiling event in one of their Bangalore dealerships on 3rd July and also took a test drive of the turbo petrol. As a brand, it looks more promising and committed to the Indian market. Their showroom was good and the staff was very professional and well equipped.

I personally like the approach that Citroen has taken to focus more on mechanicals rather than features. Features can be added anytime in the product lifecycle and as per their statement, the features are included/omitted based on the user survey.

To some extent, I feel it to be correct. Let me evaluate some features based on my usage.

  • Electrically adjustable ORVM: It is convenient but how many times do I use it? In my current vehicle, I use it once in 3 months or 6 months just to make sure the motor is not jammed. Sometimes it is exactly in the same position when the vehicle comes back from service also. So it is rarely used.
  • Manual IRVM: To my knowledge, I have never switched it to night mode and I was able to manage it with its original position only.
  • Rear Wiper/Washer: This is something I often use and in a city like Bangalore it is a must as the rains are unexpected. Maybe rarely used in other places but again this is a standard as other manufacturers also provide it only in top-end models.
  • Alloy wheels: Not a great deal, it can be added anytime later.
  • Adjustable headrests: Again a convenient feature, maybe mostly used in rear seats and I don't see major usage in the front seats.

So I am fine with compromising these features for a better engine and ride quality. The test drive was good and was in line with this review. I received a call from Citroen yesterday to get feedback on the test drive and they were very open to checking if there are any improvements to be made, which is really appreciated.

Here's what BHPian krishnakumar had to say about the matter:

Agree with the other features, but I regularly use my ORVM particularly on the passenger side while doing kerb-side parking. Helps me get into the position and park it as close as possible to the kerb. Having to reach over to adjust it will probably dissuade me from doing so and hence may result in shoddy parking. Not a deal-breaker, but just bringing in a different POV.

Similarly, auto-dimming IRVM was an important requirement for me and can't picture myself driving without it. It makes night driving much safer. Nowadays everyone is driving with high beams or has aftermarket LEDs, poorly mounted on halogen reflectors that are good for nothing but causing glare to other drivers. I don't find this as a convenient feature at all, but rather an important safety feature, to be honest.

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