MMG lift kit installed on my Thar: Impressions after driving 500 km

Overall maneuverability has improved and steering inputs are more refined.

BHPian Mithun Sathianat recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Here is a quick review on the MMG Lift Kit which I used approximately for 500kms.

The good's:

  • Stance - My Thar looks like a proper truck. As the front shockers are height adjustable, one can lift it from 2 to 3.5 inches with out a strain on the CV angle. With bigger tires, my front fender sits 38 inches from the ground.
  • Ground Clearance - The droop in the front has gone now and ground clearance (measured at rear differential) has increased to 300+ mm which is a spike of 3 inch.
  • No Swaying - Swaying character of initial batches of Thar has gone completely. The recent batches has relatively less sway compared to initial batches.
  • Lighter Steering - Steering has gone lighter. Earlier Thar's have lighter steering than recent batches. But, it has got even more lighter
  • Better control - Overall maneuverability has improved and steering inputs are more refined.
  • Articulation - Especially the rear shocks have a very long travel
  • Power delivery - With 265/75/16 MT's, I felt there was a lag in power which I already mentioned in my review of tires. This lag has vanished now and I feel the vehicle is more smooth now.
  • Braking - Braking has improved marginally.

The bad's:

  • Stiff Ride - My Thar with 265/75/16 MT's with 28 PSI had a plush ride which is gone now due to the stiffer suspension set up. The road undulations are transferred to the cabin. There is no swaying, but there is up-down movement. No issue on smooth roads.

Issues faced:

Rear Shock Bushes came out after a serious off-roading due to which there was squeaking noise. I have replaced those by applying glue as mentioned by Gagan from MMG and its all good now.

I wish the kit came with extended heavy duty rear sway bar links as well as the stock sway bar links seems to be bit strained with the lift. May be it will be ok if I re-adjust the same. I need to check that out. Gagan assured me that its absolutely fine and will not have any issues.

Rear Sway bar links:

Posting few pics here on the stance:

Bibendum's NE Expedition Thar alongside mine:

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