Multiple warning lights pop up on my XUV700 after just 7000 km

The SUV will have to be parked up at the service centre for a minimum of 7-10 days

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I have been having a problem with my XUV 700 AX7L for the past few days. Various system failure warnings pop up. Like the OBD warning, gearbox warning, Failure of Auto Lights and Hill Hold. Quite often the auto hold failure light goes on and then there is a loss in acceleration. There is a thud and and a jerk while changing gears and the engine revs up in D even when there is no input from the accelerator.

I contacted NBS Mahindra at Goregaon and they were not ready to take the car for repairs stating that they were overloaded with cars. They instead gave me an appointment for 31st July.

I left the car with them yesterday and it appeared that they just had to flash some software and update it. But this morning I got a call and my SA said that they will have to keep the car for a minimum of 7 to 10 days. He said that they had found the carpet under the driver's seat wet and that there was some electronic unit placed there. Now they will have to wait for instructions from higher-ups on how to deal with it and to detect the cause of the ingress of water.

BTW, I have not taken my car wading in water. The car is 10 months young and has done about 7300 km.

Was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and how was it resolved.

Here's what BHPian sbm had to say on the matter:

Most probably, the wet carpet is due to a choked AC drain pipe. If the electronics get damaged due to this, they'll have to cover it under warranty. If they try to deny it, ask them why they didn't check it during service. Also, try to be present when they check the AC drain pipe or they might clean it and say that it's not the reason for waterlogging and try to blame it on you.

Here's BHPian sdesilva's response to BHPian sbm:

I thought that may be the reason. But the carpet is just wet under the seat (that's what they said) and nowhere else. I haven't been near the car since I left it with them.

I did call today and they said they are in touch with M&M and following their instructions and will get back to me by the day after.

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