Mumbai: Sign helmet bond to register a two-wheeler


With the number of road accidents and fatalities on the rise, the Mumbai RTO has started taking steps to try and ensure that two-wheeler users wear helmets while riding.

If a two-wheeler is to be registered, the buyer has to give a declaration on oath that he will wear a helmet while riding. The seller has to submit an affidavit declaring that he has sold a helmet along with the two-wheeler. The RTO will not register the vehicle if the two documents are not submitted.

Those applying for two-wheeler licences are also required to submit an affidavit with a pledge to wear a helmet while riding. The candidate also has to ensure that the pillion rider wears a helmet. While the RTO is accepting these affidavits, the rule is not yet being implemented.

Under the new rules, the rider will be held responsible in the event of an accident and not the transport and traffic authorities.

The Mumbai RTO has also started counselling sessions for those found riding without helmets. Apart from paying a fine, offenders will have to sign an indemnity bond assuring the authorities that they will never forget to wear a helmet while riding a two-wheeler.

Source: Times of India 1 , 2

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