Mumbai tops the list of most forgetful cities in India

Even things like flutes, dumbbells, cricket bats and Aadhaar cards were found in Uber cabs.

Uber has released the 2022 edition of its Lost and Found Index. It gives a snapshot of the most forgotten items, the days of the week and times of the year when Uber users tend to be most forgetful.

The Lost and Found Index has named Mumbai as the most forgetful city in India for the second time in a row, followed by Delhi NCR and Lucknow.

Over the last year, objects including phones, speakers/headphones, wallets and bags, top the list of items left in Ubers across India. People also forgot groceries, thermos/water bottles and phone chargers in the cabs.

You would be surprised to know that Indians even left things like Ghewar (a sweet dish), flutes, Aadhaar cards, dumbbells, a bike handle, cricket bats, spike guards and college certificates.

Top 10 Most Commonly Forgotten Items:

  1. Phone/camera
  2. Laptop
  3. Backpack
  4. Wallet
  5. Speaker
  6. Clothing
  7. Groceries
  8. Cash
  9. Water Bottle
  10. Headphones

Top 4 Most ‘Forgetful’ Cities:

  1. Mumbai
  2. Delhi NCR
  3. Lucknow
  4. Kolkata

Top 5 Most Forgetful Days of the Year:

  1. March 25, 2022
  2. March 24, 2022
  3. March 30, 2022
  4. March 31, 2022
  5. March 17, 2022

Lost items that peak on certain days:

  1. People are most likely to forget their clothes on Saturdays
  2. People are most likely to forget their laptop on stressful Wednesday
  3. People are most likely to forget their water bottle on a Sunday
  4. People are most likely to forget their headphones/speakers on hardworking Monday and Tension free Friday

The Most Forgetful Time of the Day for Indians: Afternoons

  1. 1 pm
  2. 2 pm
  3. 3 pm

Top 11 Most Unique Lost Items:

  1. Ghewar sweet
  2. Stickers
  3. Birthday cake
  4. Mangoes
  5. Aadhar Card
  6. Dumbell Weight (5 kgs)
  7. College Certificates
  8. Cricket bat
  9. Spike Guard
  10. Bike Handle
  11. Flute in a black cover

Here’s a quick guide for riders looking for “Lost Items”:

  1. Tap on “Menu” icon
  2. Tap “Your Trips” and select the trip where you left something
  3. Tap “Report an issue with this trip”
  4. Tap “I lost an item”
  5. Tap “Contact my driver about a lost item”
  6. Scroll down and enter the phone number you would like to be contacted at. Tap submit
  7. If you lost your phone, enter a friend’s phone number instead
  8. Your phone will ring and connect you directly with your driver’s mobile number.
  9. If your driver picks up and confirms that your item has been found, coordinate a mutually convenient time and place to meet for its return to you
  10. If you are unable to connect with the driver, use ‘in-app support’ to report the loss, and the Uber Support Team will step in to help you
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