My 11-year old Ducati 848 EVO Corse goes in for its first service

She definitely doesn't feel like an 11 year old bike and is tightly put together that speaks of Italian built quality and craftsmanship which is on an another level.

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You've managed to get a hold of the bike that made me obsessed with these two-wheeled death traps back when I was about 6 years old and saw a picture of one.

Reading this felt like reading one of my day dreams, my exact dream bike, in the exact color and spec, and most of all, a 0-mile new old stock, something I didn't believe was possible.

It all starts with a dream and people who keep the dream alive long enough ultimately will achieve it. And then some things are just dependent on destiny and one will never get more or less than what is destined for them and never before or after the time that is already chosen.

Bianca, with the other 848 EVO was there for the taking for so many years but thankfully most of the potential buyers never believed they were zero-mile bikes. I made some good friends for life on TBHP thanks to bhpian no_fear and that kindled the interest in Italians and among the two of us we lapped up the balance of 848 EVOs in no time.

Was chatting with my friend yesterday and was telling him that so many people have in the last 8 months since I got Bianca asked me if I want to sell or to keep them in mind if I ever decide on selling it in the near future. And, if one knows me well that is like asking or expecting the wife to sell her wedding jewellery, and the bottom line is it will never happen

To date I have only sold one bike that I have owned that is the Ninja 650 and the guy who bought it from me still has it and has maintained it really well and texted me after reading about Bianca over here. Apart from that I have only considered in the past selling my 2 two strokes RD 200 and RD 125 as I am not able to dedicate enough time to them but they still are part of the collection and I think will remain considering how rare two strokes are getting and these were already in the rare category in India.

Now, coming back to Bianca I just gave her the first service which is oil and filter replacement and the accessories to be fitted. She definitely doesn't feel like an 11-year-old bike and is tightly put together she speaks of Italian built quality and craftsmanship which is on another level. I think after the RX this is one bike that will see a lot of mods over the years in the collection and will stand out like none other unless Bhpian no_fear outdo me with his 848

Some pictures...

Getting on the parts ready. Won't be putting the mirror blanks and will install the seat covers later.

Almost forgot the most important parts the fork oil seals. Luckily I realised it when I was in the parking lot.

Filling up at the same pump as last time. Amount of fuel consumed after about 100 kms of city riding.

Time to top up the rider as well. No chai as they said you will have to get it from the other shop. The staff was happy to let me click a few pics while I relished the bun maska.

Another twin-piped motorcycle is in the background but with a single cylinder.

Another famous Parsi joint which getting really expensive now. The owner was like you're coming in as they were just cleaning up the place and I told him to just stop to click a snap

Dropping off the parts and the bike.

975 is the max I could do before I called it a day as had a long day ahead and a lot of driving to do as well.

The OE grips will be removed carefully and preserved.

Chai pai charcha...

Bye-bye for now. New beginnings to start from 5k to 8k rpm for the next 500kms and then all hell breaks out... Never rode a new engine like you stole it and never will.

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