My 202 BHP S-Cross gets fresh upgrades: New brakes, tyres & wheels

I also got to experiment with a new Stage 3 Wolf tune

BHPian Dr.Naren recently shared this with other enthusiasts.


I have lost the count of brake pads changed in 90k km. Approx life is 8k km for front pads, thanks to high-speed runs and high-speed braking. Dixcel slotted rotors were installed when the ODO was 45k km. They are fully plain now and worn out. I have experimented with different brands when it comes to brake pads. Be it super cheap 800 bucks pads or the expensive 12k brake pads, the life was the same. EBC Yellow Stuff was the best, I would say.

What was installed this time?

  1. Front rotors: K-Tek
  2. Rear rotors: MGP
  3. Front brake pads: Gomechanic
  4. Rear brake pads: Super circle

Front rotors: K-Tek

Bought it from Boodmo. The packaging looks good, also do not miss the detailed instructions given on the box. I was impressed with the quality too, feel wise.

Rear rotors: MGP

Rear braking is minimal in S-Cross, this is the first time I would be changing the rear rotors.

Front pads: Gomechanic

These are semi-metallic, and temperature resistance is rated at 600 degrees. Not sure if it's real, anyways decided to try it out.

Rear pads: Super Circle (pics taken from Boodmo)

Installation at Engineering exponents, Bangalore

Left: 45k km run Dixcel slotted front rotors, can't even believe these were slotted rotors. Right: 90k km run MGP rear rotors

I have driven more than 2000 km after the brake pads and rotors change. The braking felt very average and also the bite was weak for an initial 300 km. It eventually got better after bedding in period. I am happy with the parts used. Braking is predictable and the initial bite is good.

However, I do not believe gomechanic pads have a temperature resistance of 600 degrees as claimed.

I did observe brake fade, it was just slightly better than OEM pads. EBC Yellow Stuff was just brilliant when it comes to temperature resistance, but too expensive at 12k for a set.

Tyres & Wheels:

I had run more than 25k km with Michelin P4ST. Even at the end of life, the grip, comfort, and noise were as good as new.

I ideally change tyres when the tread depth is 1.6 mm. Continental UC6 215/60 R16 was sourced a few months back during an Amazon sale, good deal at 7500 / tyre. I was about to get these tyres installed, but dad came up with an idea. SX4 was not used much and Kenda tyres in SX4 had 5 mm tread left, So.....

Dad helped me with this swap. I cleaned all the wheels. Lenso wheels are lighter by 1.5 kg compared to SX4 OE wheels. I had a good experience with Kendas in SX4, it was time to test them in S-Cross. I drove almost 1000 km with Kendas (Kasaragod to Trichy to Bangalore). The tyres performed well in terms of dry grip, comfort, and noise levels. The wet grip was average though. I met a few S-Cross 1.6 owners and they were surprised with Kendas, nobody expected these tyres to be this good haha.

MGA Valve Caps:

I wanted to try ordering accessories online, decided to buy some minimal value parts. I ordered MGA tyre valve caps on the official website and paid using loyalty points. I was contacted by the dealer the next day and informed that the part would be sourced in a week.

New Stage 3 Wolf Tune

Rajiv asked me to try out a new map. This was based on his learning experience from VAG and BMW diesel. He told me that the feedback was very good from the customers and wanted to try to implement the same in other diesel cars too. I am always up for remap experiments and happily agreed haha.

At Engineering Exponents (Yes, they are Wolf Bangalore dealers)

The new map was flashed and we went out for a drive for logging various parameters like injected fuel quantity, rail pressure, MAF, boost, IAT, etc.

How's the new tune?

  1. Engine is very refined
  2. Super linear but strong power delivery. It doesn't feel like an aftermarket tune at all, very mature and OEM feels.
  3. Significant drop in smoke levels

Ok, I am done with the updates. Need to get the timing kit changed, will be doing it at Engineering Exponents.

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