My 2022 Jeep Compass diesel MT: Observations after a month & 3200 kms

I get average fuel efficiency of 12 kmpl overall although 75% of my 3200 km travel has been on the highway.

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Thank you to the Team BHP community. I must have read 50 recent pages of the Jeep Compass thread as part of my decision making process. I purchased a diesel, manual, Limited edition of the Jeep Compass. I have purchased the car from Landmark, Worli, Mumbai.

PDI and the delivery:

  • There is an article.
  • A PDF checklist from Team BHP that is easily printable. I used this option.
  • During PDI, I found couple of issues. I was heartbroken, especially as this is our first family car. I documented the issues via WhatsApp and E-Mail. I further insisted the lose panel be video taped while being fixed.
  • I checked the VIN of the car using this thread.
  • I used this URL and added my car's VIN to download the inventory (totally optional, I did it for fun).
  • Tyre air pressure was very high on delivery. 42 for the front and 37 for the rear.
  • Refer to this post for the costing of accessories I was provided (August 2022 purchase). I would recommend purchasing slush mats over 7D.
  • I found this post particularly useful for accessories guidance.
  • My connectivity module was not operational on delivery. I would recommend checking your Jeep Life App connectivity. If it does not work on delivery, have the dealership team coordinate for it to be done. In my case, I had to follow-up with Mopar customer care. They solved the issue in two calls.

One month ownership experience:

  • I've driven the car 3200 kms in the first month.
  • I have travelled to Vaibhav Wadi, Goa and Pune from Mumbai. During my trip to Vaibhav wadi there was an unexpected patch of potholes that the car went at 80 before I could slow it down. I haven't found any issues but I will double check this on my first service. The front mudguard has touched twice - once on a bad bump and once on an incline in a hotel.
  • I visited the service center at Andheri, Mumbai once to have a minor rubber ingress fixed and have my DEF topped. Entire process was very professional and smooth.
  • There is a minor noise (vibratory in nature) from the sunroof. I haven't gone to the service center to have it checked. It is not constant or frequent. I am unsure as to why it happens. However, I could easily pinpoint the panel by pressing my finger against it. I am unsure if I should have the panvel opened up because of it.
  • I get average of 12 overall although 75% of my 3200 km travel has been on the highway. I do have a habit of starting the car and keeping it in idle for about 7 to 10 minutes before I start any journey. Is this a good practice or not required anymore - guidance on engine warmup would help me
  • I got PPF done from Detailing Dons workshop at Mahalaxmi Mumbai. I took Llumar PPF with 5 years warranty that covers anti-yellowing since mine is a white coloured car.

I've attached few photos.

I want to once again thank the community at Team BHP for being humble and helpful to first time (anxious) car buyers.

I will update the thread as my ownership continues. I hope you find the consolidated information useful.

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