My 2022 Maruti XL6: Fuel efficiency & review of 5 accessories

Since mine is the top variant, I opted for a few accessories only - 3D mats, sill guards, door edge guards, factory-tinted glass & 360-degree camera.

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2022 Maruti XL6 accessories review

Bought an XL6 Alpha+ AT in July 2022. As it is the top variant, I opted for limited accessories only.

3D mats

  • Took photos after a trip to show the effectiveness.
  • The ones for the front row are very good but for the 2nd row, they are okay-ish as the side wall of the mats isn't as tall as that of the ones for the front row. And the velcro which helps the mat stick to the floor has already come off for the 2nd row.
  • For the 3rd row, they are not as good as the other 2 rows. The side wall is very low, not high enough to cover the gap between the captain seats. Either way, it contained the minor milk spill that happened, so not bad either.
  • I'd recommend checking outside for more options before going for MGA 3D mats because they don't cover the gap between the captain seats properly & the 3rd-row side walls don't cover properly.

Sill guard

The one I bought has already lost the paint, didn't expect this given that it's just 2 months old. So go for aftermarket ones or the ones which don't have paint. The sill guard of my old Alto K10 is of much better quality & it's longer too.

Door side protector

Don't remember the actual name of it. I'm talking about the small protection given to the door when we open it against a wall or something. This has already saved me more than once as my kiddo opens the door carelessly.

360 cam

Very useful, though I am already used to driving without it.

Factory-tinted glass

Very useful while driving on a sunny day. I guess the front glass is also blocking the heat well because the car didn't heat up much (compared to my older cars) even when it was parked under the sun. Probably a worthy upgrade for pre-2022 XL6 owners.

Fuel efficiency

  • Best - 20.5 kmpl on highways, though I didn't drive for mileage.
  • Worst - 7 kmpl in Bangalore City traffic. On average. I get 7-11 in the city.

Other reviews about performance & details on mileage are added in the XL6 facelift review thread, so not adding them here again.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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