My 2022 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 comes home: Initial observations

The engine is smooth but does get a little gruffly if ridden at crawling speeds

BHPian A5H15H recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Got this baby home last week and down I am with Covid this week. Can't wait to go on a therapeutic ride!

Observations: It's only been a couple of days but you can definitely feel the weight of the bike. The heaviest motorcycle I have owned to date was the 220cc Avenger, so yes, manually manoeuvring this beast will take some getting used to.

The engine is smooth but does get a little gruffly if ridden at crawling speeds for a long duration. Heat is manageable if you wear gear or at least jeans and boots.

The seat is firmer compared to the original Interceptor (IMHO). No idea about high-speed wobble since I have not even crossed the 4th gear thanks to Mumbai traffic.

Alloys definitely are a piece of mind cause to move this behemoth with a punctured tyre would be a nightmare.

More to come later. Gotta beat Covid first.

Here's what BHPian tharian had to say on the matter:

Congratulations! The bike looks neat with all the blackened-out bits.

Once you are on the move, the weight won't be felt especially after you get used to the bike.

There is a new touring seat from RE which I posted on the 650 Twins thread. That will be a useful addition.

Coincidentally, I got my bike last year when I was down with Covid as well and couldn't wait to ride the bike that was delivered home.

Ride safe!

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