My 2022 Skoda Kodiaq TSI: 7 key observations after clocking 3500 kms

Fuel efficiency has been surprisingly better than I expected. I am getting between 9-11kmpl in city and around 12-13 on highways. The worst I’ve ever got was around 8.3kmpl.

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Updated ownership review at 3500 kms:

Its been 70 days since I’ve got this amazing machine which brings a smile on my face everyday. Thought of sharing my experience so far:

  • The build, the thuds feel solid for the most part. Except for a few cheap plastic bits , and the thin sun roof cover, the car feels premium and reassuring.
  • Mileage has been surprisingly better than I expected. I am getting between 9-11kmpl in city and around 12-13 on highways. The worst I’ve ever got was around 8.3kmpl. It comes down to how you drive, I ve been a little intentional about it. I’ve tried the ECO mode, coasting feature(honestly both made a little difference) and Auto start/stop which do come in handy to save fuel. I’ve configured an individual mode which puts drive in ECO, steering in normal , and DCC in Comfort mode(sharing the pic). I use the gear lever to put it in sports to surge ahead in an open patch to have the best of both worlds. Even in Normal mode with Auto start/Stop, you should be fine with the mileage.
  • Honestly been a little disappointed with the DCC feature. I expected the comfort mode to absolutely glide the car over bad roads like it happened in an Endeavor I once drove. The ride quality is good but not plush. It's little on the stiffer side but not uncomfortable by any means.To simplify- its not bad in normal mode to begin with, but putting it in comfort doesn't improve it by a lot. I would request other members to please share their observations around this. Do you feel a huge difference wrt to DCC in Normal vs Comfort mode? . If DCC is not a differentiator, TPMS being poor and 360 camera being only good to have, the decision of many owners to go with Sportsline seems vindicated. I honestly would still pick Lnk just for the looks, and dual tone interiors alone.
  • The car is just the perfect size, perfect as a 5 seater without feeling too big for weekdays, and practical enough 7 seater for two families to go for a weekend trip with luggage comfortably. Have done two road trips and the practicality factor is amazing.
  • It’s a well put together machine, everything works as it should without any noticeable rattles or niggles. There’ve been minor static noises that I’ve heard but not noticeable with music on. There’ve been times if you take off the seat belt at the rear, it keeps beeping even if no one is sitting at the back, restarting the car had resolved it.
  • The drive is just amazing . Its comfortable at cruising speeds that you can maneuver through the city with just one hand with that light steering , ignoring traffic stress as the car cocoons you. At the same time, push the pedal a little and you will see it zip past everything and easily achieve that claimed 0 to 100 in about 7.5 seconds. The only gripe being that at low rpms there is a lag of about a second for that power to get unleashed. There’s plenty of grip on the road and the car is well planted and stable at triple digit speeds as well.
  • I never thought a great music system can make so much of a difference, feels like a moving concert and a great place to unwind after work. I’ve found my perfect settings and sharing in this post with everyone.

I’ve loved everyday with it so far, the love for its looks and the eagerness to drive it is still the same as day one.

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