My 2022 Verna crosses 20k km in 7 months: Service, mileage & ownership

In the city, I am more than happy with a fuel efficiency of 10.2 - 11.5 km/l.

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I have been clocking a lot of kms on the Verna and how. Since my last update in the third week of December, I have covered another 9000 km. The current odo reading is 20453 kms as I type this post.

Sena has been super reliable *touchwood* and extremely capable. That 1.5 NA petrol mill with that 6-speed gearbox is one the best drivetrains I have come across for everyday use. It is not the peppiest or quietest but it is a good mix of frugality and fun.

Fuel Economy

I track every tankful in Fuelio and attached below are the statistics for the past 20k kms. Having read the poor fuel economy the 1.2 Hyundai mill provides inside the city, I am more than happy with the city mileage of 10.2-11.5 km/l from the bigger 1.5 engine. On the highways, she constantly surprises me with great figures when driven consistently at sane speeds. I typically use the cruise control at 90kmph as much as possible.

Third free service @ 20,417 km

Completed the third free service at V3 Hyundai. Have been happy with their service and hence went back to them. The third free service included the replacement of engine oil(3.6 litres), oil filter and AC filter. I got the air filter also replaced as it was really dirty and inexpensive at ~270 bucks. Politely declined the wheel balancing, alignment and rotation as I prefer to do it outside. Overall it cost me Rs 2,895 including taxes for the consumables and spares. From the next service, the labour is roughly 2900 for the Verna as per the Hyundai service calculator.

Road trips

Coming back to the topic of munching 9k kms in 3 months. I did a few road trips. The first was a quick day trip to Yercaud for a drive on 30 December 2022. Agenda was to drive up to Yercaud followed by a quick lunch in Selvi mess, Salem and back home in Chennai by 8 PM. Covered around 760kms.

The Second was a trip to Kumta, KA during the long weekend in January with friends. Covered Kumta, Jog Falls, Honnavar, Maravante Beach and in total about 2277 kms over 4 days.

The Third was a solo trip to Odisha to attend my close friend’s wedding in his hometown Nabrangpur. Used his wedding as an opportunity to also drive to Chitrakoot waterfalls in Chhattisgarh and Satkosia Tiger Reserve. Covered 3172 kms in 6 days. The roads in Odisha were splendid and I thoroughly enjoyed the solitude. The standout stretches for me were:

  1. Vizianagaram to Nabrangpur via Salur, Semiliguda and Koraput. This has to be the most scenic and smoothest road I have driven in. Except for a few kms of the bad road near Salur and Ramabhadrapuram, the entire stretch was fantastic with a wonderful single carriageway that begged you to push the car.
  2. Nabarangpur to Balangir via Ampani. Such a beautiful riad with some nice ghat sections while crossing Ampani.
  3. Baudhgarh to Daspalla via NH57. This definitely belongs to the top 10 best roads in India. Smooth roads with the right curves and wide run-off areas on either side cut through the forest with minimal traffic.

In Conclusion

I am totally in love with the Verna after thoroughly testing her prowess across multiple terrains, seasons and states. We have been to Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh in the past 7+ months of getting her home.

Did it make sense to buy a petrol vehicle with the kind of usage I have?

Definitely Yes! No regrets! I saved close to 2.2 lakhs upfront and have not yet spent that much on fuel and maintenance till now. Not to forget the saving in the overall interest since I took a smaller loan. Yup, worth it.

I will continue to update this thread as I clock more mileage. Till then stay safe and drive safe everyone!

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