My 2023 Seltos comes home: Likes & dislikes after a week of ownership

The interior fit & finish IMHO is better than the XUV700 which is a segment above.

BHPian Turbohead07 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

So finally got my HTX+ Turbo DCT delivered last week which I have driven ~350 Kms. While I agree with the popular opinion that it is not as VFM as GTX+, it meets most of my requirements (except for the 360-camera) and those plush brown interiors (for which I consider having paid a premium by not opting for more VFM higher variants) bring a smile every time I drive the car. Having driven an ADAS-enabled car for more than a year, I find it to be less suited for Indian driving conditions and quite intrusive for a person like me who loves driving.

Here are some of the initial observations:


  1. Refinement: Having driven Diesel for ~ the last 7 years, the shift to Petrol is indeed a welcome change. The engine is supremely refined and NVH levels are well-contained.
  2. Gearbox: Shifts are appropriate and most upshifts are between 1500-1800 RPMs (unlike my previous XUV700 where you want the gearbox to upshift but it holds onto a gear till RPM> 2000 RPM). I have been driving light-footed till the vehicle break-in period but tried paddle shifters and they can spice up your driving experience considerably.
  3. Interiors: are undoubtedly the best in the segment in terms of fit and finish and quality of materials used. IMHO, it feels better than XUV700 which is a segment above. The LCD instrument cluster especially the dynamic theme looks quite awesome.
  4. Kia Service: The delivery experience was seamless despite my buying insurance from outside (which the dealership never forced). They were prompt in connecting with the service team who are also very forthcoming.


  1. Headliner: In contrast to a rich-looking cabin, the headliner seems to be of average build quality.
  2. Acceleration: While I have been driving light-footed, initial acceleration doesn't make you feel that you are driving the most powerful car in the segment (on paper). Overtaking on open roads is a breeze though I am yet to test on sudden acceleration requirements in City and will update on this later. The Jerkiness of the gearbox at lower speeds (as reported by some users) may settle down post-1500 km on ODO (as per manual).
  3. Safety: a lot has already been discussed on this. But with its distant cousin i.e. facelift Verna receiving coveted GNCAP 5 stars, expecting some improvement in this area.
  4. Fuel Economy: I have driven in normal mode and the average is ~10-11/KMPL (MID) in city driving (although with lighter traffic). I will be ok if the long-term fuel economy settles at ~12-13 in the city and 15-16 on highways.

Looking forward to munching many more miles and sharing updates with the group.

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