My 5th gen City's faulty steering rack: Known issue says service center

Took it to the service center and after a quick inspection they claimed the rack to be faulty and having internal play.

BHPian sasmit recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

My City Zx petrol manual seems to have some play in the steering when moving from center to any direction. If you jiggle the steering at idle too you can feel a “Tak Tak”.

Took it to the service center, and after a quick inspection they claimed the rack to be faulty and having internal play.

They have raised a warranty claim although it’s still to be approved.

It seems there’s a circular to the service center on the issue and they seem to have already raised the the issue for multiple 5th gen Citys.

Can anyone check if they have the same issue . You can replicate it by lightly jiggling the steering with the engine on. You will feel a distinct “Tak Tak” while jiggling the steering. Of you feel the Tak Tak please raise a warranty issue with the ASC. They will try to adjust the pinion lock bolt but will not solve the issue.

I quickly did a Youtube search and a video from Malaysia surfaced with the same issue, so doesn’t seem India specific.

Some vehicles have light Tak Tak, others have more, I checked a few other 5th gens that were there for service.

Here's what BHPian sreeknair had to say on the matter:

Mine makes this noise just once when I stop the car in traffic and turn the steering either to left or right. Don't make any noise while car is in motion though. Had mentioned this to the SA when I gave the car for 10K service, and he mentioned that it is common in all City and due to the power steering switch. Now I will keep a tab on it.

Here's what BHPian TheWall had to say on the matter:

I have observed something different in my City. When I turn on the indicator and turn the steering left, I hear a similar sound. Doesn't happen when the car is idle or in motion otherwise.

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