My 5th gen Honda City petrol MT: Ownership update at 1 year & 10000 kms

The car rides like a dream and is so smooth & comfortable. It gives you a feeling of driving a car from a higher segment.

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Hello all,

Some updates from my purchase and ownership of a year and 10K+ kms.

Purchase and details:

Purchased from Brigade Honda - Bangalore. Experience has been pretty good. Manual transmission - VX trim. Costed by 15.6L same month last year on the road. Deals/Discounts:

  • Free Seat Covers.
  • Comprehensive Insurance reduced to 3K from 49 with - (Engine Protect Plus,Key.
  • Protect,Zero Depreciation). This year on renewal I paid 21K(same coverage) from Honda Assure.
  • Cash discount of 20K.
  • Extended Warranty for 4th & 5th year Free of cost.


  • Car Cost 12,62,206
  • Tax 2,38,178
  • TCS 12,622
  • Add: RSA 4,834
  • Add: Insurance Bumper to Bumper 39,751
  • Fastag & Registration 2,400
  • HP 1,500
  • Essential Kit 8,400

Total 15,69,891

Sales Rep - Deepak and Lead - Shashi from Brigade Honda was always available for discussion from first visit to finalising the deal and taking the delivery.

Apologies for providing these details after a year. Received my membership very recently . Will try to contribute going forward.

However, Cannot thank Team BHP enough for the reviews, ownership threads and expert opinions. Which made my decision in choosing the right ride, much easier!

Ownership Experience:


The car rides like a dream and is so smooth & comfortable. It gives you a feeling of driving a car from a higher segment. You are at home the moment you get into your seat.

Ride is plush with small to average undulations on road. Bigger ones, I am very careful, as I don't want a bottom scrape. Ground clearance is not bad( may have scraped twice due to higher speeds), compared to what I have heard from previous generation owners.

Driven mostly in the city in heavy traffic(RT Nagar to Bellandur Eco World and back - For Bangaloreans to understand the crazy traffic & road quality). Returns me a mileage of 14.5/16(lucky days) on MID. The full tank has given me 0.5-0.8 less figures on checking.


Again ride and comfort was appreciated, as better half and my kids(16 year old twins) were impressed with the ride in the back seat.

Have driven this beauty to Goa in March 2022 and it was fun to open the throttle and listen to the engine revving sound (non existent in Bangalore roads). Note - I am a sedate driver who loves to soak in the nature around as we move. Have used cruise control extensively in such drives and have returned efficiency of 21+ with cruise control(70%)

1450 kms including 250 kms travel inside Goa, returned fuel efficiency of 18km/l.

Service Experience:

Coming from Toyota, my expectation was already stemmed by friends and family who complained about Honda service being no match to Toyota. It was probably good, as I have found them to be pretty okay so far. Got done with the 3rd Free Service (1 year/10K kms). And the cost sticks to the price mentioned in the service calculator in Honda portal. Hence no qualms about that.

Issues faced:

  • Sometimes in bright light I cannot see the rear parking camera properly. And worst is the situation when I am reversing in my parking from sun lit road during the day. But this is something I can live with given all the positives.
  • Sound in humps - There is a "kinch kinch" sound every time the car gets down from a speed breaker. The service TD guy had told me it is a known issue in city and will reduce but not go away. Honda themselves are aware of this. It was identified by the person as to coming from the cabin light assembly. He did some packing(as I was told) and the issue did reduce 70%. , only to come back in 15 days. Right now I am living with it and have emailed Honda and they want to check the vehicle tomorrow. Lets see.

Overall we love the car it drives so beautiful. Looking forward to take it to Kolkata in April after the board exams are over for my kids. (Did that in 2021 July with wife, 2 16 year old young adults and 1 33Kg lab and was a breeze)

This is my first real post and appreciate your patience in reading through this. Thank you!

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