My 5th-gen Honda City: Practical safety features for kids

I've upgraded from a 12-year-old Maruti Swift & the safety features in the City have helped me solve some of my worries.

BHPian dsreek recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I was driving a 12-year-old Swift VXi till last month. Some recent incidents made me realize that having some basic safety features go a long way in ensuring peace of mind, especially since I have 2 hyperactive kids.

I bought a Honda City 5th Gen recently and this thread is about how the safety features helped me solve some of my worries. These could be very well known and trivial.

Speed Sensing Door Locks

I get paranoid all the time in Swift about door locks. Travelling with my kids, I check 3-4 times to ensure that the doors are locked - unlocking and locking them multiple times - just to be sure.

With speed sensing locks in the City, I worry less now.

Open Doors

Recently while picking them up from school, they didn't close the back door properly. Swift gives a small door open indicator, but somehow I missed it that day. Fortunately, kids were buckled up and I heard the rattling noise from the door. It was a close shave that actually triggered the thought of changing the car. City has a much more prominent visual warning with digital display with a lesser chance of missing it.

Front Seat Belt Warning

Now, this really forced some discipline into my kids during drives. Now the young one always sits in the back seat and the elder one uses a seat belt. Car won't let you travel peacefully otherwise. Of course, they've found a hack - if you just sit on the edge, you can fool the car.

Rear Camera and Sensors

This is another major help as I realized that the rear sensors detect human movement as well. This, along with the rear camera, much less worry when kids decide to run around while I sweat it out taking the car out of parking.

Separate Boot Space

This is really not a safety feature, but one of the favorite past times of my kids during long trips is to pull out various stuff (toys and whatnot) from the boot whenever they're bored. With City, once something is shut in the boot, it's shut for good.

I know that most of these could be solved with discipline and more "mindful" living. But at a practical level with kids around, they go a long way in avoiding some bad incidents. Hope this helps others in choosing one variant over another, balancing your need with the price of your potential car.

Here's what BHPian swiftvxi06 had to say about the matter:

Congratulations for your Honda City 5th Gen. It is a very competent car with very good looks and features. The points that you mentioned are really very informative and will surely help potential buyers of 5th Gen City. Wish you loads of happy miles with your new car.

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