My BMW 330i GT M-Sport: New tyres, speed sensor failure & other updates

The front left strut of the car had been replaced earlier so now I got the front right strut changed as well.

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Few updates

New Vredestein tires for the rear wheels, October 2022

Till a few months back, I was running a square setup with 245/45/18 size, Yoko Advan Sport tires. When one pair of these wore out, I decided to go back to the staggered setup and replaced them with 225/50/18 Vredestein Ultrac tires and fit them in the front. The rear tires were still 245/45/18 Yoko Advans.

In October I noticed the rear wheels had very little tread left. There was just about 1 mm depth at the tire wear indicators. Decided to change the rear tires also to Vredesteins so that all 4 tires are now of the same make and pattern. Checked with Madhus and they had this in stock and they shipped the tires to Coimbatore. Got them changed at NextGen in Coimbatore.

The tires collected from the transport and loaded in the boot.

Car on the lift for the change.

The car got extremely dirty in the monsoons.

Getting the much-needed wash.

Seeing a clean car after a couple of months!

Wheel speed sensor failure and replacement, brake fluid change and front right suspension replacement, November 2022

Earlier, I had a failure of the front left strut and had replaced this.

As many fellow TBHP members had recommended, I decided to change the front right strut as well and placed an order for the parts. In the first week of November, I got a call from Mr. Karthik, the service manager that the parts had arrived. The iDrive also gave me a notification that the brake fluid replacement was due in November 2022.

As I had a drive to Pondicherry in the 2nd week of November I told him that I will get the strut replaced after this drive. While in Pondicherry, the car gave the following errors. The error display was quite erratic. It would be on sometimes and then clear sometimes.

I immediately called Mr. Karthik and he told me that this could be because of wheel speed sensor failure. He told me that I could still drive the car safely. Just like the notification, he asked me to drive it moderately without hard braking (as the ABS and stabilization functions would be unreliable). I drove back very carefully and kept the speed between 80 to 100 on the highways, without any hard braking. And for the first time in the 4 years and 9 months of owning the car, saw this FE after driving 423 kilometers, there was still a 320 km range left.

The day after I reached Coimbatore, Mr. Karthik arranged a pickup of the car. There were a few other issues I had reported to be fixed. The car was delivered the next day after fixing most of the issues I had reported with a couple of issues pending.

The following is the list of work that needed to be completed.

  • Brake fluid change: Completed free of cost under BSI+
  • Front right suspension replacement: Completed at my own cost. I paid 46K for this (the same as I had paid for the front left strut)
  • Speed sensor error: Fixed free of cost under BRI
  • Rear spoiler error: This error is related to the wheel speed sensor, as the spoiler opening and closing is based on speed. After the speed sensor replacement, the error went away.
  • Automatic opening and closing of the boot door failed a few times in the past month. It had failed once a few days before the speed sensor error and a couple of times after the speed sensor error. Mr. Karthik told me this also could be because of the speed sensor error. I have not had any problems after the speed sensor replacement. If the problem comes back, it will have to be debugged and fixed.
  • I have been observing some vibration in the car after starting. The vibrations used to go away after the engine ran for a couple of minutes. During service, they found that the engine mounts had worn out, and will be replaced under warranty. They placed an order for the part and the part arrived in the last week of November. Will be sending the car back to the workshop for this replacement after I finish the TBHP meet at Nadugani next week.
  • There was some rattling sound from the roof. They have lubricated the sunroof beadings. But there is still some rattling. This may require the disassembly of the sunroof. I have decided to let this be as it is not much of a bother. Don't want to risk adding more issues by dismantling the sunroof.

As always, I would rate 5 stars for the service experience with KUN BMW at Coimbatore. I am totally enjoying the car as it nears almost 5 years and close to 85000 kilometers.

I have not clicked any pictures after the service. I have a couple of drives coming up - the Nadugani TBHP drive and another astrophotography trip. Will update you on these drives soon.

That's all folks, I have for now!

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