My BMW 6GT involved in 2 accidents: BMW handled repairs impressively

The accessory which I bought paying huge money did not work when I really wanted it to.

BHPian Rachet recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hello BHPians,

You never know when you are going to have a bad day. Mine came on my final day of the Mudumalai-Bandipur trip. Sharing my 6 GT's first accident experience with you all.

The plan was to come back home via Ooty - Kothagiri. There was no intention to stop anywhere for sightseeing but to enjoy the drive through the scenic roads.

A last-minute change of plan to visit the suicide point - Doddabetta peak, made me take the right. It was a long weekend and there was high traffic. The Nilgiri police were having a hard time controlling the traffic moving towards the suicide point. I took the right as directed by the police and parked behind a queue of vehicles. After maybe a min or two, all we heard was people outside screaming to someone and within seconds we felt the car shake. It took me a few seconds to realize that there was an impact at the back of the car. It was a truck with almost 10 people in it carrying carrots. The truck driver had no sense of his left. Even after the police officers shouted at him giving him a warning that he was going to hit the car, he moved the truck forward. The impact created a minor dent in the boot top lip and tore out the PPF in that place and also in the spoiler.

There was no paint damage done, thanks to the PPF installed. This is exactly why it is a must-have accessory. If you have not checked out my article/video on the accessories yet, you can do that using this link.

The most frustrating part is that it was 10 a.m in the morning. The police officers had the truck pulled over. We waited for more than an hour for the truck owner to come to the site. After another 2 hours of discussion with complete support from Nilgiri Police, I agreed to leave the site without filing a case. The truck driver finally agreed to make a minor contribution, the best he could and which he did. Even if it cannot solve the problems I have in hand (Fix the dent, replace the PPF in the boot top lip and spoiler completely), it should at least teach the people who drive with sheer carelessness a lesson. The day for sure did not start the way I expected it to for us, but I was extremely happy with the support provided by The Nilgiri Police. They really set a good example for how a good Police should do their job. The way they speak, handle the situation and give you advice on things really eased out the pressure and frustration in me.

I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate and extend my thanks to the real Police officers:

  1. Officer S Kumar - Sub Inspector Ooty rural subdivision
  2. Officer G R T Durai - DSP Ooty rural subdivision
  3. Officer TR. Dharmarajan - Head Constable Ooty rural subdivision

I spent enough time speaking and sharing details with the 3 of them. They stood by what was right and dealt with the situation properly. They are perfect examples of how approachable Police officers are. They never asked me 1 irrelevant question. Finally, when everything was settled, they insisted that I should not leave without*visiting the Doddabetta peak. But I had already lost 3 hours there and we had to take a bio break as well. So I decided to hit the road. Officer Senthil Kumar even asked me to stop at any resorts that I find next and give him a ring if they did not permit me and my wife to use the toilets. That's how cooperative and helpful he is. He had also shared his number with me and insisted that I call him anytime I am in Ooty. In the end, I started thinking in such a way that if not for the accident, I would not have met these good officers and more good human beings. It solidifies my belief in the saying, "Everything happens for a reason".

Took a couple of days for me to come out of that incident and then I set off on my journey to Chennai next weekend. Was just 20kms away from my destination and a monkey just appeared in front of the car from nowhere. There was no time for me to brake or steer away. There was nothing much I could do there and all I could hear was a thud. I knew that the poor thing would not have survived. Felt really bad about the incident. Added that isolated stretch of the road to my list of roads where I should exercise extreme caution. Reached my destination and checked for any damages to the front, and found a very minor dislocation of the fittings in the air dam area.

And it does not end there. By now you all know from my article/video on the accessories I bought that I have a BMW Advanced Eye installed in the car. Now that there were a couple of impacts, one in the back and one in the front, I wanted to see the footage that the dashcam has recorded. To my shock, I was not able to find anything related to the impacts. In fact, the recorded videos were very minimal and after further analysis, I found that there is only footage recorded based on the shock sensor during the driving mode alone. The dashcam cost approx. 45k+ additional charges for the installation as well. I was so frustrated that it did not work. I mean who will not be?

I took the car to the BMW service centre, the people from the diagnostics department checked the memory card and I also took them with me for a small drive giving them proof that the dashcam is not saving any recordings. I told them the gravity of the situation. The accessory which I bought paying huge money did not work when I really wanted it to. I was driving the car this long under the impression that it is working the way BMW has promised it would work. After realizing the mistake on their end, they assured me that they will provide the best solution possible. They asked me for a couple of days' time.*After that I was informed that the cameras are working perfectly fine and during the time of installation some settings were disabled which prevented the recordings from getting saved. Kun BMW accepted the mistake on their end and as a good gesture toward customer satisfaction, they agreed to fix the dent for free. I really appreciate Kun BMW for that because it is for this very experience people spend so much money on a premium product. You can make an awesome product but if the after-sales service is pathetic then you will end up having sleepless nights. I would like to call out a few names of employees from Kun BMW who coordinated with me to get this issue fixed. They prioritised my issue and made sure that proper resolution was provided.

  1. Mr Rajasekhar - Manager, Kun BMW, OMR Showroom - He was in touch with me even on the Sunday when the first incident happened and helped me with all the details I needed. Even after that, he helped me with booking the appointment with the service department and was constantly providing me with updates on the progress.
  2. Mr Dinesh -Service Head, Kun BMW, Meenambakkam - Took ownership to solve the issue for me. We spent time understanding the issue. Made sure that he has all the required information to take this issue to the management to get a proper resolution. He asked for 3 days and made sure that it is done within the time he asked for. He made sure that I was kept informed on the progress of the matter.
  3. Mr Venkatesh -Service Advisor, Kun BMW, Meenambakkam - He worked closely with Dinesh on this.

And thanks to Management Kun BMW for approving and providing a hassle-free experience.

Yes, I have to now take the car to OCD to get the PPF installed again where the repainting had happened. I am happy in the end that my car is back to how it was. Had great experiences, and met wonderful people during difficult times and I believe life is all about that.

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