My experience with AdrenoX in XUV700: Worth Rs 5000 subscription fee?

It does offer many features but I feel that 80% of the users would not renew their subscriptions when it expires.

BHPian rudra_shiv recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Thought of updating you all about the experience I had so far with AdrenoX in AX5. I see there are fewer discussions about AdrenoX in the forum, hence I thought it could be a good time to post this.

This is the home screen content of the AdrenoX app

And the list of options in the app pane

The trip summary shown for each trip in MT is how it looks like. Unfortunately, AT does not show mileage in the app but the AT users can use ECOSENSE in the navigation screen to see that data.

Few bits of Navigation options

Here is an interesting thought by Mahindra to add Smart Home setup in the existing AdrenoX app. Have not tried it yet, request the users who have tried this to share their experiences.

The alert configuration of the app is configurable to the user and below is how the interface looks.

And (FEW) finally the remote control/connected car controls in AX5:

RUDRA's AdrenoX offers customers to save digital documents. It is convenient too.

The remote controls offered are

  1. Sunroof Open/Close
  2. Central Locking On/Off
  3. Hazard On/Off
  4. Horn and Blink to recognize the car from long distances
  5. Headlamps On/Off

Does this all justify the subscription cost of 5,000/year M&M asks for?

A strict NO. I have decided to not opt for the subscription next year. I have a huge feeling that 80% of the users are not gonna renew their subscriptions when it expires.

What I loved greatly

  1. The trip summary which is mostly accurate, especially the mileage part
  2. Geo-Fencing
  3. Vehicle Alerts
  4. Voice controls to request songs

What did not work so well

  1. Very laggy remote control operations
  2. Alexa altogether is a hit or miss and Alexa does not have access to Amazon Music which is again a big m(e)iss
  3. AX5 has all motor-operated power windows. But the app can not control windows remotely. This is a part of the AX7L package.
  4. No engine start-stop
  5. No climatic controls as you can't start the engine remotely.
  6. Even from within the vehicle, I was not able to control windows via Voice Command but this is again a part of AX7.

At last, the connectivity with Vodafone SIM is always perfect (it is pun intended). Not sure if Mahindra checked this in various locations to test this network. It fails miserably at some key moments.

Subscription costs are the same across all variants starting from AX3 to AX7L and why should the AX3/5/7 owners pay the same and get minimal features?

I am hoping TRAI would intervene someday and do appropriate measures to help the consumers to port their eSIM or regularize the cost for such subscriptions.

I am requesting fellow XUVians in the forum to share their experience with AdrenoX and this could reach M&M someday.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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