My experience owning a used Fiat Linea T-Jet for 3 years & 11,000 km

Apart from two minor issues, nothing else that I can really complain about with the Linea T-jet.

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Happy New Year, dear sirs!

Completed 3 years of ownership of my BNW Linea Tjet in December last year. The car hasn't been driven much in the meantime. The odo sits at 25600 as I write this. I clocked a meagre 11K kms since i bought it in Dec 2019, which also involved a long on-road trip to Guwahati from Delhi in Dec 2020.

The car has been mostly problem-free, apart from two issues, which I will come to shortly.

As part of preventive maintenance, I got its suspension (all four), spark plugs, timing kit changed. Timely servicing has been done since I bought it.

Another update has been that I shifted my base from Delhi to Bangalore. I feel servicing the car in Bangalore has been a little easier than it was in Delhi. I think it's mainly due to availability of good FNGs and people still drive their old Fiats here. However, the roads in Bangalore have not been too kind to my Linea's suspension.

Now coming to the issues:

  • Of late, I have been noticing some mild vibration on the steering wheel. And the seats vibrate too or should I say keep buzzing slightly when the car is idling. My guess is, the engine mounts need a change. So would it be a good idea to get all of them changed (the A, B and C mounts, as the service guy says)? Or, which ones should I change?
  • Brake noise! The car has had this issue since day 1, though not as prominent as it is now. A little dab on the brake, and the squeaking starts. But if your drive a little aggressively and apply brakes, they don't make any noise. I got them checked at PPS Jeep and the service folks advised me to get the rotors and pads changed  Only thing is, I got them changed when I bought my car in 2019. JK Automobiles, where I get it usually serviced, has not been able to detect the exact cause either. But they would do a quick service (clean the pads, apply Wurth brake cleaner etc) and the noise would be gone for a few days and be back again. So what could be the real cause?

Apart from these two issues, nothing else that I can really complain about the Linea Tjet. In Feb, it will turn 11 and the more I drive it, the more I want to keep it. I just hope I will be able to keep it in top shape. Here is a picture from today.

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