My Ford EcoSport's 2nd service cost just Rs. 2256

Ford service feels extremely transparent as I could walk into the workshop, cleaning area at will and was also eat everyone's brains with all my random questions.

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Just completed my second service today at 9,152 km on the Odometer. Long story short, Ford service just won my heart. (well almost)

I called on 12-Nov-2021 and requested an early morning express service for 13-Nov. The lady on the phone gave me an appointment for 9:00 AM and told me they will give the car by 12:00 PM in 3 hours.

I landed up at Dhruvan Ford at 9:02 AM, was promptly attended to in 10 minutes. I was informed the labour cost is free and the car will be inspected, engine oil & oil filter will be changed and additionally wheel alignment, balancing can be done. I denied wheel alignment, balancing and rotation as I just switched to aftermarket alloys 4.5k km back. Also gave my service advisor a standing instruction to inform me before updating any software since I had none of the BS6 diesel problems touchwood.

The car was taken in at 9:20 AM, only one mechanic worked on my car and he was thorough. I was literally staring at him the entire time from the customer lounge window.

All general electrical checks are done, brake pads and rear brake shoes were cleaned. Engine oil and filter were drained/removed and replaced. He topped up a little brake fluid, filled washer fluid. The oil sump drain nut gasket was replaced.

Important - For fellow BS6 TDCi owners

I was then informed by my service advisor that for my VIN number there was Ford recommended replacement of the catalytic converter. Ford has apparently redesigned the catalytic converter to reduce the amount of soot being filtered by the DPF. I was informed this would take 2 days to replace and I can get the car on Monday. Given my highway running and the fact that I have a long upcoming trip, I did not want to take chances with replacing the same now and told them I will bring the car sometime in December to have it changed. It is an elaborate job. Has anyone else had this informed to them by Ford?

Apart from this, there was a software update for the ABS module and PCM for my car which they updated. Post this the car was taken for a 3km road test, a final Quality control inspection was performed and finally, the car was sent for washing.

I stood right next to my car and made them clean every nook and cranny while also ensuring they don't apply that cheap shiny plastic polish on the interior panels. Post this the invoice was generated in 10 mins and I was out and back home at 12:16 PM. Absolutely found no difference between my experience with Toyota and Ford. In fact, Ford felt a bit more transparent as I could walk into the workshop, cleaning area at will and was also eating everyone's brains with all my random questions. Overall, it's a superb thumbs up from me especially considering, I bought a Ford in 2021 and was a bit sceptical when Ford announced their exit.

Total service cost: Rs 2256

What I really liked was the fact that everyone was courteous, answered patiently and were generally efficient.

Now the (well almost) part is mainly because they mentioned the car will be sanitized when it is handed over, but neither did I see nor did I smell the chemical in my car. Drove back home with my N95 mask on and the aircon vent open pulling in outside air. Once I came back went crazy with a packet of Dettol sanitizing wipes. Now I feel safe.

In the 3 hours my car was in the showroom it was moved about/driven/handled by 9 people. I counted the same and half of them weren't even wearing a mask properly.

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