My Ford Fiesta 1.6 SXi: Over a decade & 90000 kms of blissful ownership

Cars like the Fiesta must be preserved for future generations to admire and respect.

BHPian DocwithFiesta recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

We own a 2010 Ford Fiesta 1.6 SXi. The Fiesta is a car that brings a smile on your face everytime you get behind the wheel. It's been more than a decade since we own the Fiesta, yet the car surprises me every single day, even now!

Let's talk about the car:

The 1.6 Fiesta is capable of doing almost 100kmph in 2nd gear itself! An absolute riot of a car. The engine can be super smooth at lower rpm, but can also be a monster at highest of rpm. Above 3500 rpm, it pulls like crazy! The Ford service center ppl say this car feels like a Turbocharged car when it accelerates.

It has the characteristics of both a weekday car and a weekend exciting, fun car. Ours being the SXi has leather seats, electronically adjustable ORVM, rear center armrest, rear window defogger, seat height adjust, alloys wheels, Chrome ORVMs, indicators on ORVMs, soft touch (rubbery) dash - these features makes the car still feel relevant in today's world, supplementing the absolutely relevant performance this car has even today!

Talking about mileage, we get 7-9 kmpl in the city and about 10-11kmpl on the highway. But, the driving pleasure this car offers, you forget about the appalling fuel economy. A fun fact- the fuel economy of this engine dramatically improves on highways at spees over 120kmph, in 5th gear, to 15kmpl.

Talking about reliability, the only major thing that have been changed is the AC- compressor, condenser, cooling coil and some hoses, that was a costly repair, at 70k kms- required tearing up the entire dashboard, steering wheel, front bumper:

Front suspension changed at 80k kms, rear's still original. Clutch still original, almost touching 90k kms, no slipping, nothing, even after abusing the car over the years.

The 1.6 Fiesta spins it's front wheels very easily, kind of gets addictive. The steering of the car(hydraulic unit) makes the car feel much smaller than it is, it's so toss-able.

One problem which irritates us a lot is that the post-facelift Fiestas have terrible corrosion problem(I have not seen any sort of rusts on the pre-facelift cars), and the fact that we stay 300 metres from the sea, doesn't help either. The doors and the roof have been tinkered and repainted thrice and the entire car has been repainted last year as the corrosion was everywhere and the entire body needed an overhaul.

Corrosion is a recurring problem on our car, reason- unknown.

Attaching some pictures of our Fiesta:

My favourite road in the city where I can open up the car, near our home. So, whether I'm going to work, or returning from work, I always have some fun over here.

The magical steering wheel, also a cool Defender!

Cars like the Fiesta must be preserved for future generations to admire and respect.

New turbocharged petrol cars may be fast, but not so fun, nowhere close.

Found a very similar 1.6 SXi parked up by the road- couldn't resist clicking a picture of the two.

At my local beach.

Alongside a 1.6S.

Thank you for reading.

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