My Honda Activa turns 20: Fuel pipe replacement & other updates

The leaking petrol was traced to the damaged petrol feeder pipe very near the petrol tank. All fuel pipes were replaced.

BHPian anjan_c2007 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

My Activa is completing 20 years this coming Valentine's Day on 14.02.2023. Lately, the niggles were grounding the machine for days at a stretch sometimes. The workshop nearer home was just doing some screw driver/ spanner/cutting plier jobs and keeping the machine running. The workshop people lastly had said that the coil plate was faulty and after my handing over the scooter for two days a coil in the coil plate he said was repaired. A new coil plate costs around Rs 1200 and I would have preferred a brand new replacement.

More than a week ago, the Activa refused to start completely and I found some petrol spilled on the garage floor. It was like a trickle with drops pouring out intermittently. I decided enough is enough. A good doctor was needed and I was searching for a three wheeler to transport the Activa to a workshop about five plus kms away from home. A known autorickshaw driver brought an aged person with a cycle rickshaw (three wheeler) with a cart to carry goods. I handed over the scooter that was tied securely (he was an aged person with experience in this field). The scooter reached the workshop M/s Vasant Auto Centre after about an hour and the owner phoned me that it has arrived indeed. This was on 09/01/2023. The Activa was thoroughly checked for all possible defects by the workshop owner and his men. The leaking petrol was traced to the damaged petrol feeder pipe very near the petrol tank. All fuel pipes were replaced. Electrical checks were done and the indicator switch was changed. The side stand was also changed. A new foot mat was placed over the existing factory fitted foot mat. Activas have foot mats in "n" number of designs made by "n" number of companies. The scooter was washed, polished and handed over after all the jobs were completed yesterday. I collected the Activa last evening and it felt like new while driving. Lets hope it runs well now. The fitness test is due sometime next month.

Above photos at Vasant Auto Centre with its tribe.

Above photos also at Vasant Auto Centre.

The new mat covering the OE mat- a brand new design.

At an office en route to work.

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