My Hyundai i20 N Line refuses to start while returning from a long trip

It was towed to a service centre where they took a day to diagnose the problem.

BHPian icestrok recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Well, there you go. Fuel pump failure.

Went on a 2.5k km road trip across 2 weeks. On the way back, 5km from my home, I took a stop, the car didn’t start after that.

Had to tow it to the service centre. Took a day for diagnosis. It’s a faulty fuel pump and has to be replaced. They will cover this under the warranty from what I know. Thankfully, I was so close to my place that the service centre where the car is now is the same one where I visit normally. In fact, had my second service scheduled for the next day.

I can’t profess to know much about the fuel pump but my car has been drinking only XP95 and never had an issue. Had 2 full tanks of normal petrol from HP on this trip (since XP95 wasn’t available anywhere). Had 0 issues with the car till I stopped and couldn’t start again.

Kinda scary considering this could have happened literally in the middle of nowhere in the western ghats and I’d be in a lot of trouble.

Service centre folks have 0 clues as to what caused this to happen, and that’s even more disappointing.

The fuel pump isn’t in stock and will take approximately 10 days to get delivered. 6 of those are over, so I should get the car by the next week.

Just painful all around tbh. It happened at a place where I had support available but if it had happened anywhere else where I normally drive, I don’t have a clue what would have happened.

Here's what BHPian Guna had to say about the matter:

Modern cars are complicated and unreliable.

I had a Chevy (Subaru) Forester which I had bought as used (5 years old, which had 22k on odo) and drove it for 11 years (and 80K kms) which included driving to remote places.

I started thinking about selling it only after there were a couple of ignition coil failure episodes (luckily happened while driving in the city) because I didn't want to get stranded in a remote forest area or on a highway.

But now I realise that it can happen even if you are driving a modern, newer car. (Recently, I had a few nervous moments when my Tiguan refused to start when I was in another city with poor VW support, at night, which got sorted on its own).

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