My Innova Crysta at 90,000 km: Service costs & ownership statistics

The car is mostly used for outstation trips and has completed around 7,000 km since the last service.

BHPian sridhu recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Gave the Crysta for what I thought was the 95k service but turned out to be 90k service.

After the accident, the car has been running reasonably well. Comfortable. And no major issues.

Going in, I felt the following needed looking at:

  • Mild steering vibration at 110+ km/h. Expected as the TPMS sensor was changed
  • I felt idling was slightly high

No other major issues.

The car has been going on multiple outstation trips. I would say about 65% outstation & the rest city. It has run about 7k KM after the last service.

The SensAiry sensor in the FR tyre gave up the ghost; decided to cannibalize the spare sensor instead of plumping for a new sensor at 1500. My opinions on the SensAiry, here.

Service Done (Nothing major):

  • Engine oil replacement
  • Air Filter replacement
  • 5 wheel WB
  • 4 Wheel Rotation
  • Wheel Alignment

FR mudflap broke off. Toyota wanted ₹ 3,800 for a set of 4; Apparently, they won't replace just one. Quietly ordered a full set for ₹700 on Amazon.

Detailed Bills

Ownership Statistics

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