My Jeep Compass was fixed but after 4 visits to the service centre

I lost my cool and gave an earful to the service engineer. By the time I reached, their whole team was at my SUV, peeping into the bonnet and inspecting the car.

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Being a Jeep Compass owner for the last 4 years, I would like to share my experience of recent servicing done on my car. Having boasted about the professional approach during the purchase of my Jeep Compass in 2019, it was only prudent on my side to pen my experience. I have tried to keep it unbiased and leave it up to the forum to be the best judge.

The Jeep dealership changed hands in Goa in June 2023 if I remember correctly. Goa was without any Jeep dealership or service centre for 6 - 7 months. The owners had to travel 150kms + to the nearest Service Centre for service. With the new dealership & Service Centre coming in, it was a great relief and moreover, I feel lucky to have the Service Centre adjacent to my workplace.

The 4th servicing was due and hence sort an appointment for servicing with ODO at 48K approx. Was promptly provided an appointment on the 7th Feb.

My car’s 1st Visit to the Service Centre

Reached the Service Centre on time. They had only 2 SEs attending to the customers. Maybe not many vehicles coming in for servicing. I waited for the Service Engineer assigned to me to complete his previous customer. From the conversation that was taking place between them, clearly, the customer wasn’t happy about something. Once he was done with it, I requested for the following work required to be done on my car.

  • Normal servicing 60K (4th service)
  • Squeaking sound while in motion. Probably from the bonnet. Felt like two metal parts rubbing against each other.
  • Headlight alignment.
  • Wheel balancing and alignment.

We then took a test drive to check out the squeaking sound. I pointed out the squeaking sound and the Service Engineer said he had heard it and would ask the technician to address it.

I get a call at 2.00 pm from the Service Engineer that servicing is almost done. I am told by the Service Engineer that the sound is due to worn-out brake pads and rotors and needs replacement. Total cost 18k. I told him that the sound is heard when the car is in motion and not while I am applying brakes which I had clearly made him hear during the test drive of my car. Told him I would get the replacement of the brake pads & rotor done later.

At 4.00 pm I give a call to find out if the car is ready. I am told it is and I tell the Service Engineer to keep the service bill ready so that I can pay and leave immediately.

I reached the Service Centre at 6.00 pm and to my surprise, the car wasn’t ready. The Service Engineer was busy handling the same disgruntled customer. Had a short discussion with the customer and understood that he was in the Service Centre throughout the day and had travelled more than 50kms and wasn’t happy with the way his concerns were handled.

Waited patiently until 7.15 pm when the car and bill were handed over to me.

  • The wheel alignment was not done. (Charged Rs.2,514/-)
  • Headlight alignment was not done
  • Car was not cleaned. (Charged Rs.760/-)
  • The squeaking sound not addressed

I was handed over a bill of Rs.24,000/-. (Rs.16,000/- parts & consumables and Rs.8,000/- labor). Was told that the car would be collected the next day from my workplace for the completion of the remainder of the work. Then I was handed over a feedback form which I filled up giving an overall 7 points out of 10 and suggested for timely readiness and delivery of the car in the feedback form.

My car’s 2nd visit to the Service Centre

The next day on the 8th Feb there is no communication from the Service Engineer until 10.00 am. I myself gave a call reminding the Service Engineer about the pending work on my car. The car was picked up at 10.30 am from my workplace. Told the Service Centre that I needed the car by 12.00 noon as I had to leave for a pre-scheduled meeting.

The car is not returned until 1.30 pm. My visit to the pre-scheduled meeting had gone for a toss. The car is returned. The cleaning of the car, headlight alignment and wheel alignment were done, however, the squeaking sound persisted and was not addressed. Since I had to travel, I could not follow up on the issue.

On the 23rd Feb, I got a call from the Service Centre dealer relationship desk seeking my feedback on the servicing done. I explained the above unresolved concern and spoke for almost 10 mins. I was assured that the squeaking sound issue would be resolved and I was requested to provide 9 points out of 10 on the online feedback form from Jeep. Though I was a bit disappointed, I thought to myself being a new dealer and with limited staff, it would take time for them to streamline the processes.

My car’s 3rd visit to the Service Centre

My car was then called in on 27th Feb for repairs to the squeaking sound. Took the car there and all the while the squeaking sound persisted. The moment the car was given to the Service Engineer for a test drive no sound at all. However, the Service Engineer assured me that he was aware of the sound and would ask the technicians to address the same. At 4.00 pm I give a call to the Service Engineer and he does not bother to respond. I called the Service Centre desk and was told that the concerned technician had already left for the day and the one who is now attending to my car would give me a call. I get a call at 4.30 pm and the Service Engineer gives me the same reasoning that the sound is due to worn-out brake pad and rotor. It meant that the Service Centre had not attended to my car all this while at all.

I lost my cool, gave an earful to the Service Engineer and told him that it was not because of the brake pad and rotor and that the sound was continuous while the car was in motion. I call the Service Centre desk and blast her saying they have pathetic and incapable SEs and technicians. I rush to the Service Centre that very moment. By the time the whole Service Centre team is at my car peeping into the bonnet and inspecting the car. I request the technician to get into that car and test drive it. Guess what, there is pin-drop silence throughout the test drive of 15 mins, not a sound. I told them I would record the sound as soon as it reoccurs and share the same.

The moment I drive out of the Service Centre the sound appears again. All the while, the car being used that evening, the sound is heard. I immediately recorded it on my mobile. Next morning, I shared it with the technician and he assured me that my car would be taken up for repairs. For two days, no one bothers to call. On the 29th evening I message and call the Service Centre desk and escalate the same it to the GM service as well.

My car’s 4th visit to the Service Centre

The Service Centre desk provides me with an appointment on the 4th March. Promptly hand over the car to the Service Engineer. That evening I am told that there was some loose screw in the front suspension plate and the same was tightened and now there was no sound. They had tested the car extensively and handed me the keys.

As I am out of the Service Centre, the sound reoccurs. The squeaking sound persists and now I have no more patience to take my car to Service Centre again. Having kept my car for 4 days on different occasions there seems to be no solution with the Service Centre. On the 9th March, I got a message from the Service Engineer enquiring if the sound could be heard. I affirm him the same expecting them to pick up my car for inspection. But no response.

Then 16th March I get a message and call from Service Centre desk and I inform them that the issue is not resolved. On 20th March I got a call from a Customer representative for feedback and I was shocked to hear that the Service Engineer had informed them that the issue was resolved. I sent the Customer representative the recording of the squeaking sound and to date over a period of more than a month, I await the resolution of the same.

From the above experience, I can summarize the following:

  • Staff is very courteous with customers at the Service Centre.
  • I was informed that the cost of spare parts/ servicing has increased, however, the cost seems reasonable.
  • Process and procedures followed – Needs big improvement. Servicing leaves a lot to be desired.
  • Technical know-how/ expertise – Overall experience they did not impress me much. Very limited staff.
  • Just because I am in the neighbourhood, I managed to take the car to the Service Centre these many times. Alas, without a resolution to my concern to date.


The write-up above seems to have worked and I am glad to see the reach that Team-BHP has. The dealership yesterday took my Jeep Compass for repairs and addressed the issue of the squeaking sound. This was done in a matter of an hour. Took an extensive test drive of the car and all seemed fine. I was also shown the loose screw in the dashboard which was the cause of the irritating squeaking sound.

It was quite satisfying to have the silent cabin that the Jeep Compass is known for. I would like to thank the team at the service centre for putting in the effort and resolving the issue. I only wished they had done this during my 1st visit itself. The experience would have been far different and a pleasant one. Special mention of Mr. Sameer Patel a fellow BHPian who supported in the manner possible.

All's well that ends well... Wishing Jeep India & their dealerships Good Luck…

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