My love for 5-spoke rim designs made me buy 2 sets of new alloy wheels

5 rims have been installed on my Mahindra Thar & the remaining 3 are enhancing the look of my office.

GTO recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

As a sucker for 5-spoke rim designs, the minute I saw these wheels on the Sai Mag Wheels website, I just had to buy them. Reached out to the owner Gautam and got to know they are only available in a set of 4.

I've never believed in wheel sets of 4 and have always insisted on 5 (keeping in mind the possibility of theft, damage etc.). I keep my cars for ~10 years and the odds of getting a single piece of the same wheel in the 7th year of ownership (as an example) are next to zero.

So I did the next best thing. Bought 2 sets! 5 rims went on the Jeep and 3 are being used as decorative items in my home office. Anyone who has visited my office has complimented the look! "Really suits the Team-BHP pad" is what one person said.

Looks good, no? They look hot in the house…

And outside

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