My Mahindra Thar ownership experience: Likes, Dislikes & Modifications

Currently contemplating on upgrading the SUV's music system next.

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Hey Guys,

This is just a random photo dump of my Thar, loving the car, just love the commanding position and ability to cruise endlessly without worrying about any surprise the road can throw at you.

Some Likes: Amazing cruiser, The stock tyres are one of the best OEM tyres, will definitely get Maxxis or BF Goodrich when the time comes to change though, cheapest convertible in the market and the auto box is good. My son loves this car to bits with so much character. The soft top surprisingly does not allow any water (maybe a drop or so) to get in even under heavy rain.

Some Dislikes: The soft-top even though is well designed could have been better finished limiting the flapping sound, the A/C even though a chiller because of the soft top outside air seeps in making it slightly uncomfortable on hot days on the highway, in the city it is fine. Getting the soft-top to open can be a little tedious, but once you know how to do it, does make it a bit easier. With this price, it still misses any features, no handrest - no leather steering - average music system - no side support - no footrest.

Modifications: Changed the bumper and grille (Bimbra) with sump guard, headlamps G wagon style - hand rest both rear and front, a/c vent - g-wagon style, Rear tail lamps LED, Black treatment, leather-wrapped the steering, footrest, side support, Bimbra ingress holders.

Any suggestions to make it better do let me know - contemplating a better music system next.

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