My Mahindra Thar RWD diesel: 18000 km update including mileage & mods

The SUV is now 400 days old and it has been constantly returning a fuel efficiency of 15-16 km/l till date.

BHPian rajeevsulu recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

18000 km up

The journey

400 days after taking delivery of the Thar RWD Diesel manual, I hit the 18000 km mark today. It has been a journey of fun. I knew what I was getting, and, I also knew what I had to change, thanks to the forum.

The changes

Avo suspension

The stock suspension was swapped out to the AVO Suspension by ARKA Motorsports, Coimbatore. It is a 3-hour exercise and this was done when the Thar had done 4500 kms. I knew what the stock setup was capable of by then and am very happy with the swap.

Audio system, rear camera, headlights and seat covers

I cannot drive without music and the stock system is very basic. So I retained the HU and changed all the speakers, added a subwoofer, DSP, two amplifiers and significantly improved the audio output. Along with it, I got the rear camera installed, seat covers changed, and headlight bulbs upgraded.

Paint protection

3M did a good job with a ceramic coat. I am not much of a car wash person and get the car washed once a month. I don't even wipe or dust the car in between. I am not sure whether this is money well spent.

Service and Maintenance

The Thar has given me no trouble except once when the TPMS was acting funny. The service guys "relearned" the system and erased the error code and all is well.

I have consistently logged a mileage of 15.75 to 16 km/l to date. This is via the tankful-to-tankful method though the MID paints a much more optimistic picture.

I have done a few highway runs including one Bangalore and back run with my 80-year-old mother. This was a run with just a 15-minute halt in Bangalore and she had no complaints. The AVO suspension sure works on the highway.

Few pictures

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