My Mahindra XUV700's 60K km service: Tasks performed & costs incurred

The servicing part was simple and fast. Everything was completed in less than an hour. A catastrophe struck when they started to clean the brake pads.

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I got the 60K service done. As usual, the oil change continues at every 10K kms. The service was done ahead of time anticipating a long drive for the week! More on that in separate travelogues.

60K Service Updates:

This is probably after the longest gap, that I had to go to ASC - the good part in this is that I did not have much trouble with the car that warranted a ASC visit. But the bad part is - TheRedSparkle did not stretch its legs for the past 10-12K kms like it used to do. Nevertheless, as usual, booked an appointment for a Good Friday morning at Chrome and showed up at 9.15am there. A couple of things that were on my mind which is in addition to the routine visit requirements for 60K kms service:

  • ICE is acting up again - disconnects more frequently, Apple Maps doesn't show up on the MID console.
  • Top-up the DEF and be ready for the long drive
  • Engine Oil change
  • Retorque'ing the various bolts, door hinges and ensuring the underbelly to be all fine after a recent off-road drive around the lakes.

The visit was expected to complete in 2-3 hours, but there were surprises in store! See the pictures below:

The servicing part was simple and fast - they had Ultra V4 in stock, got all things done in less than an hour. The catastrophe struck when they wanted to clean the brake pads and fit back - the anti-theft lock key broke! With the spare key at home, it took some time and a helping hand + dunzo to get the spare key, loosen the bolts and put things back after cleaning. This anti-theft key is a Mahindra genuine accessory. Shocking to see it gives away so easily - I have to now write to customer care for a warranty claim and/or to obtain the duplicate key. Such a tedious process.

Also, noticed some discolouration on one of the alloy wheels - not sure if it's a defect/ issue with quality or something. Asked the ASC guys to find out. Hoping to get some clear answers and possibly no safety risk.

Also, noticed that on the front left wheel well, there is a visible mark on the body from tyre rubbing during one of the tightest turnings - Refer to the second picture above. I did not "feel" this while probably I parked the car in a tight spot sometime earlier. But then to rule out foul-play I got ASC to recheck the alignment and everything seemed to be fine. The conclusion was - I most likely would have tuned the EPS to the extreme end while climbing on the stone/ curb or making tight turns. I will keep an eye on this to see if there is anything else that can cause such marks.

As part of the ICE complaints address, re-flashed the Silverbox with more latest build for the same version as before.

The Apple maps now show up on the MID too, and I can now run Google on main screen, Apple on the MID.

In total, summary of the servicing:

Total charges: Rs. 8267.

So now with all these things out of the way, TheRedSparkle was ready to take us back on roads - the place we love to be!

Stay tuned for the two travelogues to come out of assembly lines to take you through #TheRedSparkleStories. We are going out to search for some flamingoes and to see some real big cats - In Bandipur, we only heard the soft growl, but now we wish to see it.

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