My Mercedes C220d: 3 years & 40,000 km update

The fuel efficiency has been improving year on year. The reason could be that I have changed my driving style.

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40k km/3-year update of my C220d

Here is the 40k km update. The ODO had crossed the 41000km mark after the year-end vacation drive and at present, it has just completed 42000kms in a span of 3 years and 2 months.

I have found the car to be quite enjoyable to drive, with more than enough power for my daily needs, but also good enough for some occasional spirited driving. The car still drives very well with no rattles or squeaks even after running more than 40,000kms.


No trouble with DPF even with lots of city running. Normally, a refill during regular service will last for around 15k kms. C class comes with a 25L AdBlue tank.


Though the service interval is 15k km/1 year, the first two services were done with comparatively low running due to COVID restrictions. 3rd service was done a few months back when the ODO was at 34k. Nothing other than the regular service was performed.

New tires

Changed all the tires at the 36k mark. Moved from the run-flats to tubeless for a plusher and quieter ride.


I'm getting an average of 14kmpl 60:40 (city:highway) and FE has been improving year on year. The reason could be that I have changed my driving style to extract more FE and to be relaxed for those long drives. After the 3rd service, 8000kms have been done and FE is averaging 15kmpl.

Planning to keep the car in top shape as long as possible and have no plans to change it any time soon. 40k kilometers was basically just a warm-up

Random shots from highway runs:

Random shots from different road trips during 2022:

It was a year of road trips to compensate for all the missed trips during COVID days

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