My MG Hector CVT: Second service & key observations at the 6200 km mark

The initial lag although not a big concern now, still makes its presence felt while moving on from a speed breaker or a traffic signal. The car takes its time to build speed.

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Second service and 5000+ km update:

My MG Hector Shine CVT crossed the 5000KM mark last month and has clocked 6200KM as I write this. Here's an account of service experience, new learnings, negatives and overall experience:

  • The 2nd service was due at 6 months/5000 KMs. I booked the service at MG Noida Service Center. The service booking took a few attempts as Noida has only 1 service center which is almost always very busy. I believe that MG needs to expand their ASS network sooner than later, specially in urban areas where the Hector sells in decent numbers.
  • Service booking aside, the overall service experience was a smooth affair. There was only one complain - brake disc squeaking sound which was due to the post monsoon rains in Delhi NCR. A simple brake shoe and disc cleaning sort the noise out. I had also scratched the front left bumper against a pillar while parking the car which left a scratch mark, the cleaning guys at the service center did an excellent job of clearing the scratch mark along with the paint marks from the pillar.
  • The 2nd service is a minor service which includes general checkup, top ups if needed and routine cleaning. No errors were found by the scanner device and the car was ready within 3 hours. The bill amount was 0 as all the jobs done were part of the 2nd free service.
  • In my initial review, I had mentioned quite a few observations which had a learning curve to get used to; during the last 8 months of ownership, I have gotten used to the position of the engine start/stop button which is placed behind the steering wheel on the left. Same goes for ORVM adjustment buttons which are on the right side behind the steering wheel. I can now operate them without taking my eyes off the road.
  • While I was reluctant to use the cruise control initially, off late, I have been using it regularly. It is accurate, easy and super convenient to use, specially on highways. The speed control buttons on the steering mount work seamlessly and you can basically control the car without using your feet while using cruise control. Apart from being convenient, the cruise control is of great assistance if you want to extract best possible fuel economy from the car.
  • Although I have gotten used to almost everything with the car, the side visibility still remains an issue. There are serious blind spots due to the thick A and B pillars. On a round about at a junction or a sharp turn on a busy road, you have to be very careful about the 2 wheelers on your left and right.
  • The initial lag although not a big concern now, still makes its presence felt while moving on from a speed breaker or a traffic signal. The car takes its time to build speed. You have to put the car in S mode and then press the paddle hard if you want to gain speed quickly.
  • I still can't come to terms with the fact that MG did not provide electric folding ORVMs on a car that costs north of 18 lakhs. It embarrasses me to manually fold the ORVMs after I have parked the car. I checked with the service advisor if I can install aftermarket auto folding ORVMs without voiding the warranty and he said anything which involves cutting a wire can void the warranty depending on type of warranty claim made should I need to make one - so, have to live with it.
  • During recent rains, I drove the car at night and I too found the headlights to be inadequate as suggested by many on the forum. The cabin lights in Shine variant are not LEDs and provide a dim view at night. Upgrading the headlights and the cabin lights is on my agenda now.
  • Negatives aside, the car keeps growing on me. I have followed all the recent car launches, and I still cannot find a car which can match the value that MG Hector Shine CVT provides if you are not looking for outright performance. It is not a perfect car but, a similar variant from other manufacturers costs at least 1-2 lacs more with its own set of shortcomings.
  • Fingers crossed, there have been absolutely no niggles. Everything works as it should, the aircon is a chiller, there are no unwanted sounds and the cabin is a silent place with NVH levels well controlled.
  • When it comes to cruising in comfort, I can only think of the Innova which can beat the Hector; but again, Toyota is milking us big time with the brand it has built out of the Innova. The Hector is happy to cruise all day long without any complaints. I have found 90-110 KMPH to be a sweet spot with the car cruising happily between 1800-2000 RPMs.
  • I have taken the car on a couple of trips on narrow and twisty hill roads and felt very comfortable with how it performed. The hill assist with auto hold functions very well to keep the stress levels very low. It is no off roader, but, I am quite confident that it can take me to any place which has slightest of the roads.

Somewhere in the hills of Uttarakhand:

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