My observations after driving my Hilux on highways & taking it off-road

I noticed that the pickup truck's fuel efficiency gauge is definitely overestimating things by at least ~ 0.5 km/l.

BHPian corneliu recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Finished a long road trip + did some trails recently. Sharing some experiences:

Some pics from a hill excursion.

Through a forest trail

Seaside cliffs

A bit of slush / flooded area driving

Some observations

  • The FE gauge is definitely overestimating things by at least ~0.5kmpl. In this pic, trip 3 shows an FE of 13.4 kmpl but a manual calculation showed it was actually 12.8 kmpl. Similarly, trip 4 shows 12.5 kmpl, whereas manual calculation indicated it was more like 12 kmpl.

  • Somewhere along the highway drive, my wheel alignment went off and the car started pulling to the left slightly. It's a very slight pull and is hard to detect so I'm riding with it for now. Unfortunately, neither Toyota Goa, nor any major tyre shop in Goa is ready with the software / hardware to handle the Hilux, so I'll have to plan a trip into some neighbouring state to get this problem investigated.
  • I ran my BFG KO2s on nitrogen @ 35 psi for the highway drives and got a pretty decent median FE of ~12.5 kmpl. Mud/offroad performance of these tyres has been excellent (kept the pressure at 32 psi for this).
  • The car + tyre combo really makes off-roading very easy. I wonder if one can develop any decent offroading skills with A-TRAC / DAC etc doing 90% of the work?
  • The jungle trail has convinced me to defer my overlanding mod plans, and instead use the proceeds to get a PPF coating done first.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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