My Octavia 1.8 TSI gets a Stage 2 ECU tune: Now produces 280HP & 350Nm

I am considering either changing the suspension or upgrading the exhaust next.

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Hello BHPians,

Last year I bought a used Skoda Octavia Mk3.5 L&K 1.8 TSI. I was quite happy with the car until I got exposed to the world of tuning. Octavias produce mad numbers and I couldn't wait to get a tune for mine.

After almost a year of researching, I shortlisted 3 ECU maps for the car:

  1. Revo
  2. E tuners Greece
  3. TVS Engineering

Every person had told me that, "one can never go wrong with Revo". But the gains are not that much initially. Since this is my weekend ride I wanted more power. The problem with E tuners in Greece is that it is not available in Delhi. So I would have to wait for someone from their side to visit Delhi. TVS was available here so I went with that.

I went with a TVS stage 2 RON98 ECU map and a stage 2+TCU map (along with a K&N performance air filter). The overall feel is amazing, overtaking is phenomenal.

The gains are:

  • 180 HP -> 280 HP
  • 250 Nm -> 350 Nm

(power figures are at the crank; at the wheels, it is making somewhere around 260 HP)

With the TCU map, the DQ200 has become significantly faster than before. With slight throttle input, the car downshifts to the lowest gear possible. Launch control will be unlocked from stage 3 onwards.

The next mod is either changing the suspension setup or an exhaust upgrade.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Stay tuned for more!

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