My old Maruti Suzuki SX4 diesel: 1.66 lakh km major service update

There was evidence of the engine oil being present in the intercooler hence it's likely that the turbocharger seal could have given up.

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1,66,890 kms Major Service Update

So having done 166890 kms and a recent Kolhapur trip, I decided to go in for a major service at MASS.

Jobs Planned/Demanded

  • Oil change with engine flush
  • Oil filter
  • Air filter
  • Diesel filter
  • Cabin filter
  • Front suspension overhaul with new shock absorbers/link rods/top mounts
  • Intercooler cleaning

Unexpected jobs were noticed during check up. Oil leakage from the intake manifold, doubt on turbo seal leaking due to oil being found in the intercooler.

Parts purchased by me were Motul Xtec Oil, Liqui moly engine flush and oil additive. Monroe front shocks, Rane link rods, MGP top mounts.

The intake manifold was removed and new gaskets were placed and re-installed. Post which there is no leak. Intake manifold was also found clean post last 20k kms cleaning when EGR was blocked. I had personally cleaned the intake manifold last time as the ports had narrowed down confirming my doubts that EGR is a no-no for the long life of the engine.

Post this the car has become silent and more comfortable to drive. The front shocks had become stiff and were causing a lot of body roll. With the new shocks, it's a lot smoother and more comfortable.

As I type this, the turbo has been removed for preventive maintenance to be given to TEL authorized center for a check and replacement of any component required.

Why am I doing this all?

I find it difficult to find a suitable replacement for the car frankly. It's very comfortable and has an amazing boot capacity and post a remap is a pleasure to drive. I plan to keep it till 3.5lac kms at least with periodically maintained.

Turbo Service Update

I had got the turbo sent to TEL authorized service center for a check as MASS suggested to have it checked due to the presence of oil in the intercooler.

Being proactive I had it removed and sent to TEL who dismantled it and replaced the minor kit, and cleaned it completely to free up all slightly jammed internals due to carbon accumulation.

Post overhaul I have noticed it spools faster and there is a positive change in the way the car picks up speed.

Total cost of the turbo overhaul came to 4000 rupees. New one at mass costs 36k and the same one if bought directly at TEL costs 28k. Comparatively, 4k was a minor cost paid as now the turbo has a new life and continues its service for a long time to come.

With this, the car is up to date with everything being taken care of. I am good to go for another 2lac km.

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