My overall experience of getting my Harrier's first service done

No issues, arrogance or avoidance by the service staff during the entire time made my 4-year-old son feel at home.

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1000 km and First Service Update

Hello, fellow forum members.

Had an amazing turn of events leading me to get the Harrier out for a couple of long drives to Lonavala to complete the 1,000 km mark for the first service as we had an impromptu plan to ditch the already booked train journey and take the Harrier on a road trip to my hometown, Jaisalmer (more on that in a subsequent post).

Service Booking Experience

I had thought the service booking experience would be a straightforward one, but it was not. The dealer’s data entry guy had made an error in updating my car’s registration number which led to me not being able to book the service from the ‘Tata Motors Service Center (TMSC)’ app on my phone and was forced to call the dealer CRM to get the error corrected and service scheduled at the Garve Tata, Tathawade center on a Sunday. I wanted to ensure I got all the work in my presence and take the car back home with me.

Service Center Experience

With more than enough information and my own experience of seeing the workshop brimming with vehicles every time I paid them a visit, I made it a point to reach the showroom by 08:15 AM and have the first job card opened for my car. Although quite early and the facility is just opened, I was greeted by the Service Advisor who quickly completed all the formalities and lined up my car in the workshop area.

The service actions included:

  • DEF top-up of 5 liters @ INR 620.00
  • 3M Full Underbody Anti Rust treatment @ INR 4,720.00
  • Check up and resolution of the driver’s side seat that had been making “thud” noises over speed-breakers and bad roads @ FOC
  • Total First Service Bill of INR 5,340.

I requested not to get the car washed at the SC as the PPF was still fresh and was strictly advised against pressure washing to prevent the PPF from bubbling and increase the age of the PPF by a friend who is in the car detailing business.

The rest of the experience although not mind-blowing, was satisfactory at the ASC, staff was courteous, was offered coffee and water, and was helped with questions.

Special mention regarding my over-excited 4-year-old boy who thought he was in an automotive playground. He made friends with service technicians, observed multiple service bays, and enquired about the work being done with keen interest all along. No issues, arrogance, or avoidance by the service staff at all during the entire time made him feel at home and further invigorated his love for cars – The best Feeling in the World!

Inspected the car after the service, made the payment, and drove back home – All ready and excited for the almost 3,500 km of driving to Jaisalmer in just a few days.

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