My Skoda Slavia 1.0 TSI AT: Observations after 5 months & 13900 kms

I had a Skoda Rapid diesel manual (Elegance 1.6 TDI) before this, which I owned for about 9 years and put close to 2.9 lakh km on the odo.

BHPian travelex recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

As I write this, I have done 13900 km in about 5.25 months. My travel is quite a bit. 100 km daily, and occasional additional outstation trips. I had a Skoda Rapid diesel manual (Elegance 1.6 TDI) before this, which I owned for about 9 years. I completed close to 2.9 lakh km on the odo, before deciding that it was giving me frequent niggles, and the trips to workshops were causing inconvenience.

Additionally, I also purchased a Tata Hexa AT in 2017. That has done close to 85k to date. For daily driving, I prefer a sedan. Hence the addition of the Slavia Style 1.0 AT. Why not MT 1.5? -Because I have driven manual cars a lot and with the distances I drive at times, it becomes tiring. Why not DSG? - Because the salesperson, who also helped me during the purchase of my Rapid, knowing my driving, warned me. Almost half of those 13900km have been done by me, while I have been driven for the remaining half.

Having driven diesel engines for close to 10 years, this felt smooth and light. At the same time, it feels so light that I feel unsafe at times. I can’t explain and pinpoint why but I do get the feeling at times. I just made one to and fro 400 km trip, that I thought was very comfortable and convenient. Highway cruising was relaxed and comfy. Navigating in metro traffic again was a breeze. I for one, am very satisfied with the driving dynamics as a non-technical, but a person who has driven around a fair bit over the years. I have a rather sedate driving style, which is what has been dictated to my drivers too. The mileage has been good for me. It has always been over 16 kmpl and close to 19 on good days. No way near what I used to get with the Rapid diesel, but still good enough. The cabin feels fresh and stylish, and I don't get a feeling of getting bored of it anytime soon. The rear leg room is adequate.

Most of the things I did not like have been discussed threadbare already. Here are a few:

  • AC - Enough has already been said. I don't need to add any more.
  • As I said, I feel the car (not necessarily only the steering) feels too light at times.
  • No option of one-touch up and down for non-driver windows.
  • No option to open and close the windows using a remote.
  • Reverse camera - aaaargh
  • Skoda Connect is buggy, They should have done better.
  • Lumbar support - why did they have to remove it?
  • While the seats are comfortable, a little more cushion would have been good.

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