My Suzuki V-Strom 250 SX comes home: 8 observations after 1000 km

Took it out on a 650 km road trip, involving some highway riding, lots of twisties and a bit of off-roading.

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Took delivery of the Suzuki V-Strom SX on 4th June. I got it in Sapthagiri Suzuki and they had organised an event in Tribal adventure for the delivery and also for people to test ride the bike. I guess they had invited a few riding clubs too. The event was good I suppose, I just took delivery of the bike and rode it back home.

These last 2 weekends I had taken it for rides. The last weekend was a 650 km ride involving lots of twists, some off-road, highways, and a ride in rain & mud because of the rain. My opinion on the bike so far:

  1. The engine is super refined and smooth. till 110 km/h it is effortless. Beyond that, there is the power to go more no doubt but I can feel some vibrations, especially on the gear and back brake levers.
  2. This bike is made for twists. Perfect bike for the look, lean and roll. I have a Bonneville T100(Air-cooled) and for some reason, I enjoyed doing the twists on this. Probably the lightness of the bike and also the GC. If I lean a bit more on my bonnie, a little apprehensive about it touching the centre stand.
  3. Suspension is good, in fact in some terrains better than bonnie. Off-road, though very light was easy to ride. Probably a 390 adv or Himalayan will be better. There was lots of rain while returning and the handling was good. Also because of traffic jams entering Bangalore, I almost rode on the leftmost side with lots of slush, mud and water - it handled well. I would not have ventured to do it on my other bike for sure.
  4. Highly flickable bike. Traffic riding is a breeze.
  5. Braking is not bad but can be better.
  6. The windshield gives all the wind to the helmet, so riding without earplugs will be difficult. Probably an extender will be a good option.
  7. I am about 5.8 and with riding boots, the height is not a problem.
  8. A ride of about 350 km on both days was comfortable - the seat is also quite comfortable. But beyond 2-3 days probably an air seat will be better.

Finished 1000 km and given for service.

So far only addition is a Givi top box. During the service, I asked to install the crash guard.

And above all, for some reason, this bike catches the eye more than my Bonnie (probably the yellow).

Update: The total bill was Rs 2180, out of that Rs 750 was for the crash bar and 350 for the tank protection sticker.

Here are some of the photos.

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