My Tata Nexon's real-world fuel efficiency after a 10-day 2900 km trip

I feel Nexon is capable of giving much more mileage if we can control our right foot.

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Mileage check:

I have completed a trip of 2,877 km in the last 10 days. This is the mileage I got.

  • Total travel: 2877 km
  • Fuel consumed: 196.5-litres
  • Mileage: 14.64 km/l (Tank to tank)
  • Mileage shown on MID: 15.8 km/l

Vehicle: Nexon XZ+ petrol 2022 April make.

  • Odo reading before starting the trip: 10,105 km
  • Odo reading after the trip: 12,982 km

Drive mode: Sports mode 70% and city mode 30%

Speed: Ranging from 10 km/h to 125 km/h

AC: Auto AC ON always with temperature ranging from 22C to 26.5C.

Fuel used: Normal (3 refills from Nayara, 3 from IOCL and 1 from HPCL)

Total travellers on board: 80% of the travel with 2 adults and a kid + some luggage (~150kg), 20% travel with 5 adults and a kid + some luggage (~325kg)

Road condition: Driven under all types of road conditions. ~1300 km on very good NHs. Remaining journey on very good SHs, bad SHs, terrible SHs, interior tar/concrete roads, mud roads and some under-construction roads.

Terrain: Almost all types of terrain I have driven in the last 10 days. Dry and flat terrain (Bangalore to Hyderabad), Ghat sections, Hill stations, coastal.



I wish to have the option to set Sports mode as default. I could not resist using Sports mode.

MID was showing 21 km/l while driving on Nehru ORR Hyderabad. My speed was constant at 90 km/h, with auto AC ON.

Here's what BHPian FireBlade had to say on the matter:

Very informative post.

I feel Nexon is capable of giving much more mileage if we can control our right foot. But then, you know, the Sports mode is really addictive and it's extremely hard to do so.

Would you believe me that I've seen instantaneous mileage climb to 27 km/l (in MID) in a 50km drive (4-lane road). The AC was off and I was in city mode throughout the drive.

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