My Tesla Model 3: Updates & observations after 5 years of ownership

The max range when I bought it was 303, I don't normally charge to 100%, I estimate this to be 280 now.

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5 year update: I still have not had to do any maintenance at Tesla, or a repair shop. I replaced the cabin air filter, and windshield wipers myself. Got tires replaced at Costco. I wash the car in the driveway - once in a while and fill air - thats about it. The max range when I bought it was 303, I don't normally charge to 100%, I estimate this to be ~280 now. The hundreds of OTA updates mean that the car and driving experience has gotten significantly better over the 5 years I have had the car. But, for these few scary instances.

Had a blank screen on the freeway. Software crashed and restarted, takes a couple minutes - no speed info, no touch screen, no nothing. Brakes worked, accelerator worked, power windows also worked. It was scary, I filed a bug report immediately. No clue of status of bug.

Experienced phantom braking under a bridge, I have learned to expect this, I accelerated immediately.

This one time I went to the car in the morning, the screen was blank. I had done a SW update overnight, and it had failed. I had to do a Hard reset - and it never came back up. I was getting late to work, so I cursed Tesla and decided to work from home. I came back after 1 hour, and it had booted up, but with factory settings. I have connected mine to the cloud, so that I see the same settings on any Tesla that I drive - like my brother's car. So some of my settings were restored, not other drivers added locally to the car. Other settings like Home link for garage also had to be programmed. The phone keys stayed programmed. I think they store these in some Linux kernel Trust Zone/Secure memory area that is not reset. (My wild guess, I do not have domain expertise here). Some times I get the vibes of moving from a stable HP Unix with X11/X motif to Windoze 95 or 98. (Maruti 800 to Tesla Model 3) Enjoy all the UI features, but expect blue screens. I realize I am dating myself by talking about Windows 95.

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