My unreliable Tata Tigor: A tale of several warranty claims & niggles

The black plastic of the headlight is developing cracks and all the nearby plastics have already broken. The plastic is so dry and breaks off like a potato chip.

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I own a Tata Tigor XZ+ 2019 model purchased in may 2019. The car has clocked 50100 Km till now.

Heads up: The car while strong, compact, fun to drive in city has been a true nightmare to own. Tata sold me a lemon and car visits service centre every month or two- the longest this car has been away from service centre was 4 months that too because of my marriage falling in between and me not having time to get minor issues checked.

The current issue 1: Plastics of engine bay especially headlight plastics on the back/inner side developing cracks and on touching falling

As you may see from photos the black plastic of headlight is developing cracks and all the nearby plastics have already broken. The plastic is so dry and breaks off like a potato chip.

I talked to service centre regarding this and all they had to say was headlight is not covered under extended warranty and will be chargeable to replace. Didn't give me a clear idea whether not replacing the same would be safe in long run, if the plastic of headlight breaks and water enters in.

So I need your advise on whether i should go for replacement or let it run?

Current issue 2: Engine heating up- problem found- radiator fan needs replacement second time in 3 years.

Solution by tata: Your last service was delayed by 3 months (not my mistake- read on), so we will not give claim under extended warranty. I sent mail to higher managements and only 60% claim has been approved.

Past issues:

  • Day 1 of purchase- Bubble forming on paint- free 3m teflon coat by Tata motors. issue did not happen again
  • Day 3 of purchase: Window switch panel of driver side stopped working- replaced.
  • Day 5/6 of purchase: Right ORVM motor stuck- replaced
  • Day 8: Codriver side footwell flooded with AC water- corrected- AC water pipe was loose.
  • 1 Month of purchase: Reverse parking sensor gone. changed
  • 2 Months: Tack tack sound in steering- Rack & pinion assembly changed
  • 3 Months: Tack Tack sound in steering again- Rack & pinion assembly changed.
  • 5 Months: Radiator fan gone- replaced under warranty.
  • 6 Months: Tack tack sound again- Steering spundle joint changed- issue did not arise again.
  • 7-8 Months- Problems with ABS light switching on, gear shift issue- error code cleared and gear adjusted
  • 9-10 months- severe vibration in cabin- engine mountings changed.
  • minor issues and paid service 1 year in april 2021.
  • July 21- rear seat locks broken- changed, paid.
  • Aug 21- abs light issue again with pickup falling, car severely jerking- error code cleared.
  • Sept 21- paid 1383 for some other issue- dont remember what
  • dec 21- paid 2267 for some other issue- dont remember what
  • apr 22- yearly service- costed 12k.
  • sept 22- headlight bulb gone, abs light again, check engine light again, pickup issues, car starting issues- battery change recommended- battery replaced. paid 3k for bulb and for some other lubrication & cleaning.
  • oct 22- abs and check engine light again along with car start and pickup issues- error code cleared
  • jan 23- engine mounting changed again, anti roll bar and struts were damaged (dont know how)- paid and replaced.
  • jan 23- rack and pinion changed again (3rd time).
  • march 23- breakdown- car wont start, abs light issue again, pickup issue. paid service of 4.5k- throttle body cleaning & fuel injector cleaning to resolve the above issue- issues did not resolve
  • march 23- water pump, thermostat failed- changed under warranty. Clutch plates also replaced under P2P programme.
  • march 23- issue of abs light, check engine light, lack of pick up, and jerking back again- gave back car with stern warning of approaching consumer court- issue finally resolved- the wiring harness and some sensors had rust on them- issue has not arisen again so far.
  • march 23- gear wont shift to second and first. 3,4,5, R worked ok. Adjusted, issue arises two more times in april- adjusted but still very tight.
  • april 23- service was due but service advisor said- no service needed- car has under gone so many repair and checks already.
  • till here car was serviced at AutoVikas Moti nagar.
  • August 23- gear stopped working- took to different service station- TrueNorth Peeragarhi (formerly Concorde service centre)- gear issue finally resolved but they told me that your car has not been serviced in april 23- your extended warranty will be voided now. got the car serviced immediately. paid 13k
  • October 23- current issue- the radiator fan one as mentioned above.

What do members suggest?

1. Approach consumer court where nothing will most probably happen or

2. Accept my damned fate and keep the car running.

3. Sell the car? have one Honda city and Xuv 700, but either will get ruined in chandni chowk and karol bagh where tigor runs for office duty. My Tigor is also severly scratched up thanks to these areas.

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

Sorry to hear about your experience. What a colossal waste of time & effort. My advice = cut your losses and move on. No pointing throwing good money / time after bad.

Since the Tigor is used for office duty in rough areas, best to buy something durable & abuse-friendly. For choice of car, look at what Uber & Ola use. A new Dzire or WagonR will be just perfect for this kind of usage. Your running is very high & both of these cars are available with CNG kits.

Basically, you need a beater car so that your XUV700 & City remain in top shape. Marutis are the absolute best choice for beaters.

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