My Vitara Brezza gets Foxfire LED lights: Observations driving in city

I am itching to take out the SUV on a quick highway drive in the coming weekend.

BHPian gururajrv recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

FoxFire Led Bulbs for Low Beam

Well, with a lot of research, I ended up seeing this thread from our fellow BHPian member vsrivatsa who created this thread at the right time.

Without wasting much time, I quickly reached the seller Sunny on the below contact details - he was quite responsive and answered my questions. I locked in the purchase for Rs 6000/- with no courier charges levied on me.

A detailed product review has been provided on the thread created by vsrivatsa. So, I will skip to just basic details and will share my observation on a short drive taken in the vicinity.

Model Name: Foxfire Platinum Series - H7 140w - 5700k with 16,800-lumen intensity a pair i.e. 8400 lumens per bulb.

Price: Rs 9,000 and with all discounts, I got it for Rs 6,000/-

Observation: Light intensity seems adequate for city usage basis my short initial observations I have been driving the car within the locality after installation - certainly a worthy upgrade over my previous lights which I believe were just oozing out 12,000 lumens which is a bad pick.

I am going to post a quantifiable review after I use it for 1000-odd kms. I am itching to take it on a quick highway drive in the coming weekend.

The package was delivered within 2 days of the payment. It was received in pristine condition with a warranty card as well. Overall I am satisfied for now

Here are the pictures:

Comparison between old bulbs vs new ones taken in the basement of my apartment at night:



Light Spread: inconsistency is observed with the settings. I will reach out to my electrician and see if the bulb has to be set right or position changed to increase the spread on the right projector.

And a random car wash I got done today after bulb installation.

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