My Volvo V40 Cross Country completes 40,000 km: Service update

The high-speed braking performance of the car has improved thanks to the new set of front rotors and pads.

BHPian vjbox recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

40K km Update

Got the vehicle serviced recently at 40K km after back to back trips to Dhanushkodi, Goa, Yercaud and Trichy. Following parts were replaced apart from the regular servicing consumables and software update.

  • Front disc set + brake pads
  • Rear brake pads
  • IRVM, where the auto-dimming wasn't working was replaced under the extended warranty (this unit costs around 50K and it's good the EW covered it)

The car feels nicer now with the new discs and pads and has greatly improved the braking manners during high speeds.

Recent observations

The Clean Zone package, which blows fresh air into the cabin on unlocking the car, no more works and it appears it ceases to work around the 4-year mark, according to this article.

However, I am thinking of checking with the service center as this was a handy feature that filled the cabin with fresh air upon entering and I sort of miss it now where I now need to roll the windows down for a few seconds after starting up.

Otherwise, it seems like a fruitful 40K km and the car seems to drive the same as it did on day 1, if not better.

Chilling on the roads of Dhanushkodi

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