My XUV700 succumbs to the infamous "Hill Hold Control Error": Easy fix

The first thing I did when the bootup was finished was accessed the alerts history in the MID.

BHPian RavenAvi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

About time I had it - the now infamous "Hill Hold Control Error" alert.

Unlocked Icarus in the morning and opened the driver's door and as soon as I slid into the seat, there was some jarring noise and a thud from the speakers while the startup screens booted up very slowly. The opening animation of the 7OO racing across both screens was not displayed. Instead, it went directly to the Drive Info menu display after the twin dials booted up. I had the Fuel Info menu enabled last.

And then, this popped up:

Turned off the ignition and turned it on the back again and was greeted with the same alert yet again. Enabling and disabling the Traction Control System or the Hill Descent Control via their respective buttons on the right side of the steering didn't make it go away.

This is the current software version:

Only the reverse camera display was activated via laptop on Saturday, so I am pretty sure the software wasn't updated. Called up the service manager and asked him to get this clarified from the tech.

Could be an OTA update caught in the middle, or the AdrenoX software being glitchy? We shall find out soon.

Yesterday went by with all sorts of suggestions from the two service centres I was in touch with all day regarding the infamous "Hill Hold Control Error" alert which popped up in Icarus's MID - Paramount in Jeypore & the local Balaji Motors. Some of them were completely mind-boggling and only managed to raise my alarms further until I checked with my friends in the TORC (Tribe of Royal Cheetahs) Telegram group & our Team-BHP official review of the XUV7OO and calmed myself.

Sample this - ABS sensor acting up, rat bites, faulty sensors in front wheels, upgrade in progress, front wheels hit somewhere during my journeys, reverse camera display shouldn't have been enabled, battery drainage, HDC module faulty, TCS module faulty, modules need replacement, sensors need replacement, mandatory software update required, the silver box needs to be replaced, vehicle to be towed - you name it, the service centre listed it. They even cited low tyre pressure as one of the possible reasons!

In the end, all it took was a long pause after shutting down from when the error had popped up and turning Icarus back on. Back to the dull humming followed by the fast bootup, the 7OO racing across the screens, MID booting right into the Fuel Info menu, "Zap Mode Activated", four boxes lining up from the right in the AdrenoX display, etc.

The first thing I did when the bootup was finished was accessed the alerts history in the MID. It was blank. No Alerts found, said Icarus to me. Cranked up and he started with a roar and a clatter and settled down nicely.

Much ado about a software glitch?

Big thanks to our official Team-BHP 7OO review thread where I got to know that this is a known software bug in the AdrenoX system. If I wasn't a Team-BHP member, God knows what the service centres would have done to my Icarus to "fix" this "huge problem".

One good thing I noticed about enabling the reverse camera display is that until the actual AX7 unit arrives, I have twin reversing sensor displays at my disposal!

One in the MID and one in the HU.

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