Need advice: Fortuner 4x4 diesel or 4x2 petrol for my 65-year-old dad

He has a 2013 VW Polo and wants a new car for travelling purposes and to visit health campsites.

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Yeah, yeah, I know what’s everyone gonna say. 4x4 AT Fortuner. That was my suggestion too. So let me start from the beginning. My father, who isn't a car enthusiast, suddenly drops a plan on the family that he’s going to buy a Toyota Fortuner for travelling purposes and to go to health campsites.

My dad is 65 years old and has a Polo (2013), which I drive most of the time. He’s usually chauffeured around in my mom’s Honda City ZX CVT (2017). So, naturally, after the announcement, I got excited and asked him which one are you buying, and he was like show me which will be better.

I immediately showed him the 4x4 AT diesel with the power and torque figures, and he said it sounded fine and booked on in phantom brown colour since my mom won't allow a black car in the family (superstitious). Following this, he booked the car with a token amount of Rs 1 lakh and the waiting period was around three months. We were expecting the car in January.

Then after a few days, my father’s elder brother came to visit and started on and on about diesel engines ending and the petrol engine will be better. Another senior doctor, a friend of my dad, said the same things and gave the example of Delhi about the ten-year limit and how it can happen in Assam anytime soon. I didn’t know that these conversations were happening behind my back.

Today, I casually called the Toyota dealer to ask about the car, and if it was coming any sooner and guess what I heard "Sir, your booking has been modified, and now your waiting period has been extended to six months since you’ve changed the booking to Fortuner 4x4 AT petrol”, and I was like what? There is no Fortuner 4x4 AT petrol. And what just happened? I went home and confronted my dad and his elder brother, and they wouldn’t listen to me anymore.

They want a petrol Fortuner now, that too in 4x4 AT. I had nothing more to say. Not my money, I thought and got up and got back to my room and started writing this forum to know about your opinions. Honestly, I'm disappointed, but frankly, there’s nothing to do, or I’ll disrespect the family's elders. Let me know in the discussions if you think some of this makes any sense, and thanks for listening.

Here's what GTO had to say about the matter:

None, and be happy that you haven't gotten a Fortuner yet. For a 65-year-old, it's a terrible choice. One has to climb into it, the ride is continuously bumpy & busy, and refinement levels are not exactly 50-lakh rupee good.

Change the booking to one for the Innova Hycross Hybrid. Our review is already up. It is perfectly suited to his purpose & way more comfortable.

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One suggestion: get him to drive the petrol and the diesel back-to-back. Also, show him that there is no 4x4 petrol version - and that if he wants a 4x4, it has to be diesel only.

Here's what BHPian Indraneil had to say about the matter:

I feel sad for you but neither of you is completely wrong. It's our misfortune and the government's decision for which we all diesel heads are suffering. I am not really sure if a petrol Fortuner is offered with a 4wd drivetrain, just checked the website, and there isn't any 4wd petrol option which I could see.

Well, what I think is that if your family is so much willing for a petrol automatic, going for a big brawny BOF SUV won't make much sense. First of all, the petrol engine never did very well with the Fort, I can't remember any successful capable petrol SUV in India (talking about true blue SUVs). Grand Vitara and CR-V never sold in good numbers as they lacked the grunt SUVs need and buyers crave. And you are opting for the automatic version, better if you carry 2 jerry cans of petrol with you, a petrol auto Fort is going to be a guzzler. Even if you don't mind poor mileage figures, a petrol would also not give the grunt you would wish to have while driving a 2-tonner.

I would suggest that either you go for the diesel Fortuner because I don't think NGT rules are anywhere coming in Assam, they are not implemented in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata. Assam is one of the least polluted states in India. And even if you feel a hint of it coming, in India you can sell a Fortuner in under an hour at a good price, it's such a popular car here.

Well, even still if you don't want to get a diesel, I would suggest you look for more options as well. You can get a fantastic petrol sedan in that price bracket if you wish to get one. My suggestion is that if you wish to go for petrol, get a car with which a petrol engine mates well.

Hope the best for you, happy ownership!

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