Need advice: Irritating stalling issue on my 2000 Maruti Zen

It starts immediately and idles well. But the moment I shift into 1st gear and accelerate, the engine appears to choke up and shuts down.

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I bought one of the last Zens which had a carburetor in 2000. The car has been a reliable companion all these years, and I have done over 90k km in it. I even proposed to my wife in the car, so letting it go isn't an option!

Now 22 years old, the engine has a strange issue.

It starts immediately and idles well. But the moment I shift into 1st gear and accelerate, the engine appears to choke up and shuts down. After 3 to 4 minutes of idling the issue reduces, but doesn't go away, so while I can drive the car, every time I accelerate, it first slows down, struggles a bit like it's timing is off, then slowly, very slowly, starts to pick up speed. It works fine till the next red light, when this struggle starts all over again when I start driving from stop.

I've tried 2 mechanics, and both are nonplussed. I've changed the air filter, engine oil, spark plugs, carburetor, to no avail.

Can anyone please help me, or recommend a good engine specialist is south or Central mumbai?

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Hey man, first off all great to see that you've retained the car. Secondly, the problem faced by you isn't anything extraordinary. It's a common occurrence for carburetted cars. I too faced something similar in my own Zen which is a 96' carb model. As per what you've written, I think the carburettor is probably clogged with gunk and dirt accumulated over time , which is causing the "Slow Jet" to not work properly. The slow jet is a vital component necessary to keep the car running smoothly at low speeds and RPMs . If not the slow jet, then it could be an issue with the accelerator pump. I think a complete carb service, overhaul, tune-up and tappet set is in order for your car.

Also, what about the fuel filter and fuel pump assembly ? Have you replaced them too ?

For any further queries feel free to PM me at anytime

Here's my thread which is all about my Zen. This portion specifically focuses on a similar issue I faced with my carb.

Here's what BHPian Jeroen had to say on the matter:

Beemerbug has some very good points.

In addition I would check a few ignition components and settings.

Did you check the contact breaker? Is the gap set sufficiently? What is the state of the contacts? They do wear down, so do need adjusting and ultimately replacing.

I would also check the static and dynamic advance of the ignition. Recently I have had some issues with my W123 which is also a carburettor engine.

You, or your mechanic, should ideally have a timing light and or dwell meter. Although it might be possible to measure the static advance with a simple test light.

You are likely to have a vacuum and or centrifugal advance on the distributor. Make sure they work correctly. Vacuum hoses perish causes less vacuum. The mechanical centrifugal advance wears out after a while.

Here's what BHPian bikertillidie had to say on the matter:

Please check the fuel system starting with the fuel pump, strainer, fuel filter, fuel lines. Hope there isn't any clogging nor leakage.

Next, check the ignition system - ignition coil, HT leads, spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor. Clean up everything as necessary.

Service the carburettor, pay attention to the jets, dashpots, vacuum lines, fuel enrichment device(aka accelerator pump), butterfly valves (both primary and secondary), replace all gaskets/seals during the process.

Run a compression test on all cylinders, adjust tappets per specification.

Last, check and adjust ignition timing as needed, tune up the carburettor.

P. S. Do check the timing belt as well. 22 years is a long time. The tensioner can become weak, and I have seen belts slip a tooth or two.

Please PM me in case of any doubts.

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