Need Advice: My 2015 S-Cross shuts down on the highway without reason

After multiple checks, there is no conclusive result as to what the source of the issue is, with the check engine light still ON.

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My S-Cross 1.3 2015 70K km on the odometer left me in a horrible situation. I was cruising around 90 km/hr (going to Goa from Mumbai). The moving vehicle suddenly stopped while I was in the right-most lane (between Kolhapur and Belgaum). The steering was jammed, and somehow, I managed to park by the side.

On starting, the check engine light came on. The vehicle started and after 1/2 km, stopped suddenly. The same thing happened thrice before I went to a local mechanic. With nothing to identify, he checked the error codes and it was related to the Fuel Pressure Regulator Performance. The vehicle now was not starting at all.

I waited for 1 hr with my family while calling Nexa roadside service but there was no help. I finally sent my family to our hotel in Goa via cab. I then called Sai Service and they asked me to open and close the fuel cap. Did that, and the vehicle started; I somehow reached the Sai Service centre. They checked as well but nothing was found conclusive. The Check Engine Light was always ON. They convinced me to slowly drive towards Goa. In Goa, I went to Sai Service and gave the vehicle a thorough inspection. Their suggestion is attached. The part was not available but the cost is around 35k plus others. Please review and advise. The repair cost is going to be really hard on the pocket with the car at 70k km on ODO.

Here's what BHPian govigov had to say on the matter:

I had replaced this in my car under warranty. What was the fuel level in the car when the car had the issue? I was asked to maintain at least 1/3rd tank at all times and the issue will seldom occur. Apparently, it was a common issue in the old beat diesel and this was the workaround that those owners used.

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