Need Advice: Transported bike to my home state and lost my RC

I lost my Bajaj Dominar's RC during one of my rides near Dehradun, but the bike itself is registered in Bangalore.

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I moved to Dehradun, my hometown, last year in July due to the pandemic. I was originally working in Bangalore. As the pandemic hit, I was uncertain of the future and since WFH became the norm, the decision to come home seemed to be a wise one. As a result, we came home. Me, my sister and my brother in law. At first, it seemed that this would be over soon but how wrong were we! Work from home became the new normal and I had to reconsider the fact that I had my car and my bike laying in the basement of my rented apartment in Bangalore. It pained me when I realised that both the vehicles were getting wasted each day eating dirt and doing nothing. Come November and I made the decision to get both my babies home. The car, a Ford Ecosport Trend 2015 which I drove from Bangalore to Dehradun on December 2-4. The bike, my Bajaj Dominar 400 2019, was transported through GATI logistics on December 5th.

All was fine and I was very excited to ride the bike on the streets of my hometown. Four months went by and we had settled completely with no signs from our companies for a recall. By now I, being a free spirit decided that there won't be another Bangalore chapter anymore and resigned from my job. I have never been happier with the motorcycle as it looks like it belongs to the North. Have taken it on various rides including the Garhwal region, Dharamshala, Bir Billing. The 40 BHP have served me well.

Things went downhill for me was when I lost my wallet on one of my rides. The wallet had my license, RC originals and other IDs. I was able to renew almost all but the RC of my Dominar which is registered in Bangalore. My question would be, how can I get a duplicate RC copy for my bike. I am located in Dehradun and have the bike with me here but what would my options be to obtain a new RC. From what I gathered so far is that I would need to visit the Bangalore RTO to obtain another copy of the RC. Is there any other way out of this? Looking forward to suggestions. Thank you!

Here's what BHPian libranof1987 had to say on the matter:

At least in MH, everything is now online. Check if that is the case for KA as well. The real problem is, RC is only dispatched to the registered address, no handing-over-the-counter at RTO. You'll have to check who stays in that address now, authorise them to collect the RC and then have them ship it to you.

Here's what BHPian hserus had to say on the matter:

You can download an RC extract from the Parivahan website and send the details to some Bangalore agents.

The lost RC will need an FIR (actually NCR entry) and you can file that online.

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