Need an automatic SUV: MG Hector vs others

The Hector is nothing extraordinary in terms of driving pleasure. However, it's a superb all rounder for the family.

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Hello experts,

I've been in the market for a mid size SUV, having sold my Vento 1.2 TSI automatic recently.

Below are some requirements:

  • Safe car.
  • Automatic transmission (Petrol/Diesel).
  • Space for 4 adults and child seat for toddler(similar to 5 adults).
  • Primary vehicle for daily city drive with single occupant (500 km/month) and occasional highways drives, once/twice a month with 4 adults and a toddler (500-600 km/month).
  • Balanced suspension for family comfort.
  • Essential features for safe & enjoyable family journey (360 camera, TPMS, 3 point seatbelt for all, good music system).
  • Don't care much about bling features like voice commands, connected car, etc.

Cars considered:

Kushaq/Taigun: Waited for the VAG twins launch, but was disappointed on what they offer. Yes, they will satisfy my thirst for driving, coming from the superb Vento driving experience. But family won't enjoy them much with cramped space and almost no features.

Seltos/Creta: Both are good all round family cars, however safety bothers me a lot given we'll mostly travel with our baby.

XUV700: Probably the best for us, but the waiting period is beyond imagination and no 3 point seat belt for middle passenger (important for us, because we will travel with 4 adults and a baby).

Safari/Harrier: They have to improve a lot on the interior quality, fit & finish. Also reading horrible stories of after sales service on each of the owner's forums.

Jeep Compass: Excellent product overall. Is cramped space in the rear for 3 people seated. Also, rattling noises are a given in the new 2021 model. Another issue is the diesel automatic comes only with 4*4 and petrol automatic is nothing to brag about.

MG Astor: Another excellent product, rejected only because of cramped rear seats.

Hyundai Tucson: Probably the best of the lot for me. But the family vetoed it out only due to dull & age old interiors.

MG Hector: Nothing extraordinary in terms of driving pleasure. However, it's a superb all rounder for the family. Good features and tons of space. CVT is little slow, cornering is not good, mileage is poor - but again I guess, I'm not going to test the car's full driving potential given my family & especially our baby will always be in the car

Now, I'm getting Hector delivered in the next 3-4 weeks if I book within this week. Our baby will be 2 months then and we would want to welcome her back home in a new car.

Questions to the experts:

  • Does Hector make sense considering my requirements?
  • Shall we wait for ADAS to be introduced in Hector? No timelines yet and I don't fancy ADAS except the adaptive cruise control. Besides prices will likely go up by around one lakh next year with ADAS.
  • Does it make sense to book in December and get delivery in January? Car is likely to be 2021 manufactured.

Please provide your expert advise.

Thank you!

Here's what BHPian abhishek46 had to say on the matter:

The MG Hector has not been crash tested. We do not know how safe/un-safe it would be in reality.

The XUV700 should be the best selection from the above. The best Engines, best Safety, best Features.

You should use a child restraint system (baby seat) and fix it using ISO FIX mounts. When your child grows up, you should use a booster seat with either 3 point seat belt OR a lap-belt.

Personally, I have observed difficulties with 3-point seat belt when small kids are strapped in, even with booster seat. The upper belt passes near the neck area in small kids, which I did not like. This is the reason, I prefer lap-belt with booster seat arrangement for my kid (7y.o).

Here's what BHPian mpod11 had to say on the matter:

I was in the same boat as you 2 months back. Had to replace my ageing VW Vento with a feature rich SUV that felt value for money and the big car feel. After a gazillion test drives, I went ahead and bought the MG Hector CVT. I am 1000 kms into my ownership journey and mostly it has been a positive experience. The car is a relaxed cruiser and feels good quality for the most part. Mechanically it doesn’t seem to have any problem. Mileage has improved since the first few days and I am getting around 7.5-8 kmpl. My usage is 100% within the city in bumper to bumper traffic. My only grouse with the car is that the electronics aren’t that great. My key battery has been replaced already once and the voice commands have a mind of their own. It’s also impossible to turn off the navigation voice. It’s a great car as such and my family loves it. I would have gone with the 5th gen Honda city but got outvoted. Don’t regret it a bit!

Here's what BHPian FiatDiesel had to say on the matter:

I own a Hector diesel 2021 for last 6 months and have driven 12K+ km. You won’t regret and will look for excuses to go on drives. It’s a superb cruiser, high on comfort specially for passengers. My teen boy refuses to join me on the front passenger seat as he loves its rear seat comfort. My biggest satisfaction is that my family loves drives in it and it’s quality fit & finish leaves the competition behind. The other most important factor is good after sales service. In terms of quality and reliability, I don’t have any negative experience, have driven it 5K+ km on week long holidays including 1300kKm non-stop, not a single problem or observation whatsoever.

Here's what BHPian SM.Turbo had to say on the matter:

This is a perspective from an owner who has no qualms of over close close to one year of ownership experience with the Hector Plus DCT. I have mentally prepared on the mileage part and hence, no sweat on getting an 8.8 kmpl average on a 9K old odometer (Tankful to tankful).

My previous rides are the Ecosport and Linea and both are a dream to drive. Now, given a choice of going back and changing the decision, would I opt for something else, well, the answer is NO. Will pick up a Hector again. Its a solid all rounder and good family car (Don't want someone to contest SUV credentials ) with build and service quality being pretty good and a great "price and size proposition". Now, if you are wondering what my previous rides are to do on this post, well, I have a decent understanding on what handling means and I have not been bothered by the Hector on my highway stints where I have averaged 80 kph on 400 km not stop trips. By the way, one of my previous rides was Thar CRDI (first gen) and was never comfortable above 90 even on a fabulous 8 lane expressway, and I have driven the new Fortuner which is equally a not so great confidence inspirer around the corners and I did not expect it to behave differently, it being an SUV (though not a 4 wheel drive ). I guess we need to cut some slack for tall bodies.

Well, I own it, drive it and can fairly say am happy about it, including the soft suspension, quiet cabin, which is apt for my daily city commute and cocoons from outside city chaos. Not bad on expressways either where I always drive at max legal limit, that's why there is not much difference in my city and highway mileage. In the world of perspectives, this is the perspective of a guy who has been living with it for the last 340 days. All the very best on your new ride, which ver you eventually own. Cheers!

Well, I wish there was a diesel duto and would be miserable the day MG launches one.

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